I won't lie. I'm highly interested in Kinect, more so than Move. I am interested in 3D photography and videography and the Kinect does just that (to a degree).

I saw a video the other day that demonstrated the awesomeness of Kinect. Today, I read this article where someone took an infrared photo & video of the Kinect.

I'd post photos, but he doesn't have tumbnails.

When software is released for the computer to work with Kinect, I'm buying one. Straight up.
HHmm, I heard about this stuff. I thought it was a series of games given out by Burger king D: Silly me
The kinect can be connected to computers now: apparently microsoft's security measures weren't as good as they thought Razz

Here's an article from hackaday, there's another earlier one talking about who actually interfaced it to the PC to get depth and the RGB image.

So far, though, looks like the software is pretty inadequate for driver/user needs. It'll grow a lot, though.

Edit: I forgot to put the link Razz
willrandship wrote:
So far, though, looks like the software is pretty inadequate for driver/user needs. It'll grow a lot, though.
Yeah, that's what I'm waiting for. Software that's more developed and less hacked up.
Write it yourself, proxhaxxor.
allynfolksjr wrote:
Write it yourself, proxhaxxor.
Nikky has a good, if somewhat blunt, point. Smile This stuff only gets written because people like you and I put the effort in hacking it together and refining it, so perhaps there's some expertise you can contribute to the project?
He's not complaining. He's just saying he's going to wait for it to be a little better. After all, it's only been a week since the first actual driver was released! It's going to improve a lot, probably also going to integrate several features one would now have to program from scratch.

in short, I want one too Razz
There's nothing I can contribute, other than beta testing :/

I'm just marveling and demanding Razz
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