A couple more...

This one's a bit boring on its own, but might work well with arbitrary horizontal spacing and something in the middle.

Really like this one, especially the eyes.

This one's a design for a t-shirt, which I had been asked to remake from an older low-res design, to clean up the details and reduce color depth to something more suitable for printing. Played with a couple new techniques, such as a radial gradient for the vignette effect and clipping masks to get the color-change in the text.
That last one is pretty hot Tari, very nice work. You are becoming quite the vector graphics god.
The t-shirt design is awesome, but I think for the artistic quality that middle close-up of the eye is amazing.
So in honor of the new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out I decided to vectorize Sir. Edward Bear in a memorable pose. I figured it would be a good place to start and I could work up from there so yeah here he is.

I'm debating whether or not to include the rain or not as that would add much complexity to the image and be much more difficult to make look right.
why so fuzzy?
I thought it looked better that way, but after some prodding here is it without the blur and it looks much better than I expected.
I also far prefer it without the blur. Nice job. Smile
I've got several large vector works in progress, but here's a quick one that I whipped up in around 30 minutes- I discovered some good uses for the align/distribute toolbox in Inkscape while working on it.
Extra points to anyone who recognizes that symbol.
That looks great, Tari, although I'm sorry to say that I don't know what it is. Sad
Latest bit of work. Source is a rather interesting film.
Ooooh, very nice details! Are you experimenting with combining line weights, or had you been doing that all along and I just didn't notice?
I don't use it much- rather surprised you even noticed it here, but it's not exactly a new style for me.

evar-3 with annotations pointing out the non-1.0 line weights:

And here's sw1 with similar annotations:

Guess I did make a bit more use of it than usual here. It just seemed to make sense I guess, since this particular style is very light on shadows.
A wild vector image appears! About 26 hours from people agreeing that I should create it to this, mostly-completion. Calling it finished so it remains relevant to the current date.
Looks very good, Tari, right down to the slight blush on the cheeks! You are an excellent vector artist. Now we just need you to start vectoring original works. Smile
I opened this thread thinking it would be about proper STL usage. Strange...
foamy3 wrote:
I opened this thread thinking it would be about proper STL usage. Strange...
Haha, I'm afraid not, although I would certainly welcome a few posts about that. Might I recommend http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3777 ?
KermMartian wrote:
Looks very good, Tari, right down to the slight blush on the cheeks! You are an excellent vector artist. Now we just need you to start vectoring original works. Smile

Heh, I'm getting pretty close to where I think I could come up with something decent from scratch. Even with this, I came up with much of the detail on my own- you mention the blush, but that was one of my additions. Smile

The eyes especially, I spent a couple hours tweaking to get just right (..and I'm still not exactly happy with them), as each eye is about ten pixels square in my source:

That bit has been scaled 400% larger than the original, which is itself an aspect-corrected photo. In short, I took a lot more artistic liberty with this one than most others I've done.
Excellent, that's great to hear! Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be a backup career for you in case the whole Computer Science thing doesn't pan out! Wink
Been a while since I posted in here. Vector projects are not dead, but I've been productive with a number of other things as well, so progress is slower.
I've showed off a little of this one on IRC, but here's a rather out-of-date render.

I've been experimenting with gradients more than before on this one, which requires more work when doing the fills (to the extent that I need to create the fill paths, then I make them some unique hideous color so I can tell what groups need to have common gradients), but it's thus far looking subtly more complete.
Here's an up-to-date render. You can see the four different placeholder fill groups at the moment, and having just completed the main hair fill, the shadowed gradients are much more obviously graded.
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