Hey everyone. It's great to be back! Sorry I haven't been on in a while, but i had a LOT of projects on my hands. one of my most recent be a new game I call "Spawn". now whats the point of spawn you may ask. well i would sum it up with one word... MODS!! Yes that's right I said mods, and I'll say it again... MODS! MODS! MODS GALORE!!. Now how does this one word sum up this game. Well the whole point of this game is to mod the crap out of it. The main point of the game is to add mods and have fun with them.

Now onto the technical parts. First all the mods are made in python. the is great for the starting modder because the coding is very simple and intuitive. But this can also be a drag if you don't want to release the code to your mod. But that most likely wont be a big problem because most people who make mods aren't the "sell my software" type. Onto the next thing. I have included an API documentation with the software and if you want the code it will also be available opon request. so with this announcement I bid you guys the best of modding.

Ps. It would be a big help if you guys where to start making mods for this because with out the mods there is no game!
Now, is there ANYTHING else to it besides mods? If not, I don't see why people would write mods to mod... well, nothing

If there's no game beneath it, what are people expected to even mod

EDIT: unless this is a joke, in which case g00d 1 m8o
well there will be an underlying game evntually. what i mean about this is that i wil be programming a game mode mod that adds tons of games and objects to it. some games might be a swarm (survive and kill zombies) like game or a platform puzzle game mode. but for now its just to fool around with explosions and objects. i also plan to add certain aspect of building to it (more of a spwan platforms in, move them around and change thier size sort of thing) the main point that this game will get across is doing stuff you couldnt in real life like blowing up a house or team death matches with flamethrowers, or buildina a tower out of tofu. I mean its really up to the user what they want to do. all you do is select a cfew mods and invite some friends. the mod catigories will range from farming to redstone like electricity to minigames to role playeing games. with a big server you could even create an mmo. all you need to do is create a map and get the right mods together and presto. so all im trying to say is that the goal is upto the user and with enough mods the user could do almost anything!
Ashbad wrote:
I don't see why people would write mods to mod...
Maybe if they are obsessed with Xzibit and Inception?
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