I like the new lightning effects and screen transitions. It seems like Escheron is implementing some creative uses of grayscale.
Just throwing this in here. It's implementing a smoother scroll to the inventory menu. I say "smoother" because it's not by pixel. Rather, it's by 4 pixels, which is better than the previous 8. Thought I'd share.

Warning to IE and Chrome users: Shot in a high framerate. It'll look faster in Firefox or Opera. Or just drag and drop to your desktop and use something like Irfanview to view the image with its speed.

A reassuring tidbit of information: Unless you can slam that arrow key faster than 16 times a second, there's no speed drop between the 8px scroll and the 4px scroll. This is because of the key repeat delay to keep things from happening too fast. It's always been there.

Also, yes Kerm. I did the buffer merge magic like I explained in the IRC chat like yesterday. For those who are interested/curious: http://iambianet.pastebin.com/r2H6ws1c

A few macros are there. Need not worry too much about them. Doing it this way, I can have a setting in there to skip over the 4x4 scroll and do it the "normal" 8x4 scroll for those who don't like seeing a blur while scrolling.

EDIT: Added in the side arrows. The scrolling action (predictably) messes with the side arrows during the scroll, so they're redrawn. Also notice the lack of them when they're not needed. For the first time, you get to see my uber debug item Razz
Again, high framerate .gif warning.
I want to drop a quick note: Iambian is authorized to take-over the project if I happen to go out of commission for some reason. He's also at liberty to take a poetic license with it, or pass it on to someone else.

My health is getting worse, and it's possible I won't be around at some point. I'm having bouts of amnesia, as well as delusions and central nervous problems. Unless I can somehow get insured and go through with an MRI, there may be nothing I can do to seek treatment. I only get through each day by abusing drugs, as the pain and discomfort I experience on a daily basis are otherwise insufferable. I can't afford to have the necessary tests done to determine the source of the problem. I mean, I'd have to sell my house and all my other assets just to do it.

Some family members are taking care of me at the moment. I'm not hopeful that I'm going to make a spontaneous recovery; so I'm going to try to bring closure to everything now.
I am very very sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope that something comes through for you and your health changes for the better. :<
:'( I am extremely sorry to hear about this. I hope that something will change for the better and you will get a little (or more!) better.
Progress is slow. Haven't gotten around to doing anything really. Been reading too many books.

The part I'm stuck on at the moment is the routine(s) responsible for collecting statistics. I'm trying to build them so that I don't have to worry about whether I'm collecting stats from an enemy or a player. I know I did routines similar to this before, but they didn't work out so well when I had to deal with enemy stat collection. Sometimes, they just didn't work at all.
Zera, I am extremely sad to hear that your health problems are continuing; I hope things improve soon. Sad Iambian, glad to hear that progress is extant, even if slow. I strongly support lots of reading!
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