What Do You Think Of The Idea Of Australia Map?
 92%  [ 13 ]
 7%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 14

I am making my new map of my (and quite afew others) home country using a Heighmap. It will ofcourse have water surrounding Australia. Although, you can quickly see the repeats of the map which kind of makes it look bad.
if done right, it would look nice Very Happy
throw a giant .dif + some fog around it so that no one see out or leave.
Yea, that sounds cool. We are always looking for new maps Wink
I could always whip up a negatively scaled collision mesh for use as a sort of scalable global bounds box. A DIF would still paint decals even if transparent, so DTS would be the way to go here...
I used GIMP and made the picture 512x512 while the australia bit is 256x256 and the surrounding bit is just black (flat)

EDIT: ok.. My idea doesn't work Sad
did your heightmap not load? if so, try resizing it to 256x256.

Also, I think New Zealand would be a better idea, since the scale would be better, and the terrain more varied.
It loaded, but it stuffed, and the origanial was 256x256 but the next repeat is not very far away, but I lowered the fog and it's ok now.

EDIT: And I guess, I could do New Zealand, but why not do the whole world? (one country at a time)
that could get tedious... a whole-world map could be fun though, even if the scale would be waaaaaaaaaay off...
Australia Map? Sounds awesome.
Please make it dude.
The map is going fine, although, I'm thinking of flatning some of the mountain, especially on tasmania. I will get some pics soon.
Haha, a world map could make for some sort of RISK type game... maybe with bots?
CyberPrime wrote:
Haha, a world map could make for some sort of RISK type game... maybe with bots?

sweet idea Smile
CyberPrime wrote:
Haha, a world map could make for some sort of RISK type game... maybe with bots?

lol that server would be up for days... O_o ^_^
Heres some pictures (first one is showing the mountains, which may need to be flatterend abit, next is showing some weirdness in the water and 3rd is some weirdness when you fly up. Note that the water isn't done, and the ground texturing isn't aswell.)



try smoothing it out a bit, and flatten that weird area in the water...
the "weird water" place IS flat, that's why it's weird.
*tumbleweed town*
this looks nice, look forward to seeing it done Smile
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