Hey Cemetechians, and the internet at large! I will be liveblogging the Engadget Show this evening starting around 7:30pm EDT from the Rose Auditorium of Cooper Union, my alma mater, from which I just graduated with my Masters in EE. More information on the show:


Hope you'll enjoy the images and commentary!

I'm sitting in the Rose Auditorium of Cooper's NAB, waiting for the Engadget Show to start! Should be a fun show, looking forward to it!

Unfortunately, technical difficulties stopped the liveblog, but I'm happy to say that I collected a full complement of pictures and a description of all the things that were discussed. The show started off with Josh Topolsky and Jimmy Fallon together, discussing life and technology. They did a lot of off-the-cuff banter, discussing the fact that Josh visited Jimmy's show, and then Jimmy was coming on Josh's show. Jimmy discussed his love for Apple products, how he used to have IBMs, since his father worked for IBM, and then eventually switched to Apple computers after looking for an alternative to PCs. He talked about how much he loved his iPhone 4, Josh talked about how much he loved his iPhone4, fanboyism was had by all. They discussed the Droid, and that if Jimmy felt that if the iPhone 4 had the same massive amount of dropped calls as the iPhone 3G, he would switch to a Droid.

Next up was a demo of the Kinect system, which was very very amazing. Josh and the gang played a bunch of games, joined by one of Microsoft's leaders on the project. They played a 1v1 racing game, a coop rafting game, and a few others, then the Microsoft guy demoed a game where you take care of a pet, like a lion or tiger or leopard, teach it tricks, and interact with it. They finished off with a behind-the-scenes of the technology, showing how accurately its tracking works for one, two, or more people, and the amazing resolution of the infrared sensing. I was also surprised how physical using it is; there is a ton of jumping around involved.

Was the Kinect gameplay faked this time?
Jimmy Fallon, not Kimmel =P
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
Was the Kinect gameplay faked this time?
No, it was very real, and very cool.

ewu2006 wrote:
Jimmy Fallon, not Kimmel =P
Temporary brain fail, Eugene, thanks for that. Razz

So, continuing my narrative of the event. After the impressive Kinect demonstration, the third of the four main pieces of the event, a round-table discussion with four Engadget editors: Josh Topolsky, Paul Miller, Nilay Patel, and Joanna Stern (profiles at http://www.engadget.com/editors/). They discussed a variety of tech that had run across their desks, starting with a device I had found very interesting when they reported it on their site a few days ago, a dual-screen Toshiba Libretto meant to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary. Next, they had a KIRF iPad running some kind of Android build, packed in an authentic-looking iPad box, which Josh took a fair amount of aggression out on trying to get it to switch screen orientations. They finished up with an overview of some up-and-coming phones, including the Droid X, and a discussion of AMOLED vs. Super AMOLED vs. LCD screens, especially in terms of their color reproduction capabilities and brightness.

I forgot to mention that before the Kinect demo, there was a brief video of one of the Engadget editors taking a tour of the main ESPN video-editing facility in Bristol, Connecticut, which was cool although obviously not the most memorable part of the show. Anyway, the final item was the giveaways! They distributed two of the new, thinner, (supposedly) more reliable XBoxes, a sweet desktop computer running the latest i7 processor with a 3D display and glasses, and at the very end, the KIRF iPad! I didn't win anyway, but ah well, it happens. Smile The show was followed by some excellent electronic music and visuals from Glomag and InvaderBacca respectively.

My third Engadget Show in a row was a ton of fun, I'm looking very forward to future ones, and I definitely hope they continue to be held in the Rose Auditorium at Cooper.

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