My new project is a hexadecimal spite drawer/interpreter. It can give you hexadecimal data for a sprite you choose- when you do, each pixel is enlarged to 9 sq. pixels- and you can input a hex code and see what it looks like. It also displays random sprites as well as their hex codes. Another option is to edit sprites- when you do this, there are two options: input a hex code and then edit it, or use a sprite drawn to the top-left corner of the graph screen before the program was run. If I get this done, I'm thinking of making it work for 16x16 sprites- as of now, it only handles 8x8 sprites.
Questions, Comments, Concerns, Ideas?
Nice idea
didn´t make ti-freak somethink like it?
but you can insert somethink like paint with lines etc.
but nice idea
should it be written in TI-basic; AXE or asm ?
Which calc???
gaventemples31415 wrote:
Questions, Comments, Concerns, Ideas?

I'll cheat a tiny bit and offer you a way to grab a specific list of bits based on the hex numeral found in Str1:


Feel free to trade out Str1 for an inner sub() command that extracts the nth digit from a larger string.
Thank you.
Yes, he did, but they were different programs.
Is that a suggestion?
Thank you again.

So, I'm assuming this is for a single numeral rather than the entire code? It seems quite... advanced, but I'll try it. If it works properly, the program should be much faster. Thank you.
hmm, I wrote something similar that drew WBMP images from their hexadecimal representation. It's inefficient but provides a method for drawing hex things as pictures. Not sure if it helps, but it can't hurt.
:If "1"=sub(Str2,8(Q-1)iPart(1+A/8)+P,1

(from )

It can handle an image of any size (up to 255 on either side, or screen size), as far as I have tested. I need to do more rigorous testing of this code though.
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