Anybody watch Lost?

Immediately after seeing the series finale, I was really angry and confused about what I had seen, but now it actually makes some sense, and the more I think about it, the more it comes together for me.

Of course it didn't explain everything, but it did explain the one big mystery of the island, which is what's on it that's so important and worth protecting. It's the one question I wasn't really asking, which is why it upset me so much that not much else got answered or dealt with.

What do you guys think, if you watch it?
I'll be watching it tomorrow. I've been very pleased with the last two episodes though....even if I was hoping Hurley and not Jack would be Jacob's replacement.


I just finished it. Definitely pulled a BSG or DW 2008 ending, which is much better than a Firefly or Dresden Files or T:SCC lack-of-ending, but not as good as the season finales for say.....the 2005 and 2006 runs of Doctor Who. Essentially they didn't answer any of the questions that were introduced before Season 5 when they pulled the bait-and-switch to get everyone focused on a nice two season story arc about Jacob, the Man in Black, and Candidacy and they didn't even really answer any questions about the parallel universe. Instead they used it as a plot device to have a feel good ending where everyone ends up with their proper romantic interest and get to have a big family reunion and somehow remembers the life the other-thems led.

tl;dr version: It didn't upset me, but it also didn't live up to the potential.
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