Indeed, it's a drive-in, with some seating outside. Razz

Ah, so like A&W without the delicious onion rings and on-tap root beer?
Something like that. Although, the only A&Ws I've ever been to are dine-in and drive-thru. Never seen a drive-in. That'd be pretty cool, though Razz
I've never seen a drive-in EVER except when I was in Tennessee. Apparently they're not very popular here in California.
Yeah, until I moved to Texas from Cali I hadn't either.
The crucial difference between A&W and Sonic (besides the far superior quality of their burgers) is that unlike Sonic, A&W actually has a ROOF you can dine under. You know, in case that thing happens where water magically falls from the sky?
I do agree that they need a little longer awnings, but they do have them. I've gone there while it was raining plenty of times and I haven't had much of a problem.

The only A&Ws out here you'll find are the multi-brand collaborations or whatever you want to call them. I think I saw one drive-in A&W in my entire life, and that was back when I lived in Cali D':
I'm pretty sure the one I go to in New Jersey has a drive-in, or did at one time, but I haven't used it in ages, since they also have an actual building you can eat inside.
Yeah, most Sonic's have covered seating areas, and covered drive-in areas. It's not a bad setup, and the food isn't terrible. Although, the food quality and taste always varies in regions, I've found Razz
I guess if you consider tables sparsely covered by umbrellas to be "covered seating areas"...
swivelgames wrote:
Indeed, it's a drive-in, with some seating outside. Razz

That's a pretty poor Photoshop with the Empire State Building in the background. Clearly it was made by someone who doesn't know how the New York skyline looks. Razz
elfprince13 wrote:
allynfolksjr wrote:
Thanks. That still doesn't fix the ethical issues with eating animals. Nice try though champ.

Which are? Animals eat animals. It's the natural thing to do. So unless you want to talk spirituality (which you're usually the last person to want to do, though I'm perfectly happy to), I'm not sure you have a leg to stand on.

DShiznit: Is it drive-in, like an A&W?

There's so much fail in your reply I won't justify it with any further comment.
Are you Gaian or Hindu then? Smile
DShiznit wrote:
I guess if you consider tables sparsely covered by umbrellas to be "covered seating areas"...
lol, someone reallly has something against Sonic. The plethora of Sonic's I've been to have had fully covered seating and a pretty good size awning over the parking spaces. I'm not sure if they gimp you guys where ever you live, but I don't see a problem with their set up. Their food is pretty good too for the most part, but definitely not the best fast food. The deserts are good though Smile
That would be why I added the exception for their drinks, which are great, and which I might categorize as a desert.
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