So addicting and so frustrating. If you haven't played Robots (KillBots, Gnome Bots, etc.), then you are missing out on a simple game of luck and skill.

Guide your character to make rogue robots crash into each other. They go directly to you in 8 directions. Crash them all, you move on to the next difficulty level. Get captured, it's over.

You can move in 9 directions using 1-9 with 5 being no move, 0 being teleport, and '.' being bonus point wait.

There are two types of robots, ones that move 1 space, and those that move 2 spaces. The amount of fast bots increase per level. Waiting out a turn doubles the score earned. But waiting will not let you move until they die, or you loose. Characters for the m68k version are classic characters of @, +, and #. The GlassOS version uses a box, +, and x.
The m68k version is available, and the GlassOS version is complete. glassKILL has a 32x21 grid available for movement, and the m68k, well, has a slightly bigger screen.

Both versions will be uploaded soon. The m68k version is the one that I will no longer update.

The GlassOS version is currently in greyscale and may feature a new game mode (wink)
This is great, I'm glad you remade the game! Do you have any screenshots yet? I've tried the Linux / GNU version, and I found it to be extremely challenging (and indeed, I figured out the objective by mistake after being captured quite a few times). Are you making a TI-OS / DCS version?
Thanks. For screenshots, none. glassKill isn't ready and I didn't even try to screenshot the ti89 version. A DCS version, probably not. I could statically link the game and include it in an app, including all of the C parts, but that would be brutal Wink But I am moving away from TI-OS dev... after making 1 asm graphics program XD

(I still enjoy my TiKill highscore of 496 points in 15 rounds Smile intense is the only word for it, and I hope to add in on-line high scores for glassKill)
I finished glassKill just now. It didn't take long at all as C is much faster going than asm. The size of the program is 0xE1A bytes (3610 bytes). It doesn't do high scores as that would increase the size a lot...

Here's my first few plays on WabbitEmu (it is very quick to respond on tilem, just not WabbitEmu)

(lol, WabbitEmu made an invisible calc in the background, don't worry about the screen on the left)
If you want to play it, then here's a pre-beta unsigned .8xu for emulators:
Instructions on using it to play glassKill are included in the readme
Looks great, thanks for sharing! Is my computer going super-slowly, or is the screenshot showing it actually being on the rather slow side compared with something written in pure ASM?
A) WabbitEmu can't hit keys fast, and I didn't feel like using QtWabbitEmu
B) It's a big gif, so maybe, but the game is nice and fast

If you aren't sure about the speed, just download it and run it on an emulator Wink
Added the period key, which will wait out a round, not letting you move, but slow bots are 2 points instead of 1 and fast bots are 5 points instead of 2. I also fixed the clear key from warping levels.

Highscore will be next
Well, the game is solid - it works and other people who use my calc play it and get pissed off at the constant teleporting into bots when the calc doesn't feel random...

I was wondering... the game is small by itself, should I add loads of graphical effects to it? Note that the game does direct drawing, no buffer is used. It draws by using line drawing, not sprite drawing... Yeah, odd, but it works fast.

(I would do high scores if I had defragmenting/GC functions for the FS)
Once I get the greyscale perfected, then glasskill with be converted into greyscale.

Right now, the greyscale has a huge flicker. Don't ask what is messing it up just yet. I have the timer setup as demonstrated and I use ionFastCopy, but :-\

Possible features:

  • Themes that can be created and loaded from /usr/share/glasskill/themes, changing the background and icons
  • Choice of bonus ability - safe teleport, killing, etc. - will be gained only upon double-scored bots
  • Fix a bug for pushing garbage piles, not jumping in them
  • Save highscores somewhere - careful, the flash can get filled up quickly with loads of tiny files
  • Help screen................ ...

In the future, hopefully I can get internet gameplay and the ability to submit your score to a leaderboard.
Well, here is the greyscale version:

Some bugs will be fixed, but that's the game for now!
Ok, so I added 2 new features to glassKILL, with it being final as of right now.
  • A highscore is recorded. No name or list, just the top score
  • You can pause the game by pressing [MODE]. This will send you back to the Launcher where you can power down or run other programs without the game being disturbed.

I will get a screenie, but not much graphically changed
The grayscale version looks awesome! Makes it easier to see where exactly the enemies are in relation to you. I notice a bit of a flicker between movements -- is this fixable? Either way, great work Wink
Ashbad wrote:
The grayscale version looks awesome! Makes it easier to see where exactly the enemies are in relation to you.
Thanks! It is indeed hard to see where other bots are without a checker board, like on the ti89 version.

Ashbad wrote:
I notice a bit of a flicker between movements -- is this fixable?
Well, that flicker was from the emulator. On-calc (and hopefully from this new screenie) it isn't a problem/noticeable. Besides, any flicker can be fixed with quad buffered greyscale.

Anyways, here is the screenie:

What is shown (ti84+):
  • gFiler showing /etc/ folder where configs are stored. glassKILL stores the highscore in /etc/glassKILL_score
  • gFiler being backgrounded.
  • glassKILL running with no highscore.
  • The 'New Highscore!' text and the highscore updated.
  • Resuming gFiler
  • glassKILL_score created
  • glassKILL launched again, backgrounded, resumed, and quit.
  • gFiler resumed, then quit

It is quite stable right now. Sorry about any pauses as I don't know the key map for wabbitemu and I have a DI / HALT / EI stuck in the game code Razz
So, this game is mature and stable right now. I don't know of any remaining bugs.

When the RAM execution branch in Gla├čOS is done, this will be the first RAM-based program and will be available in package form, easily installed with source included. Of course the package installation and removal code must be done first, but still...
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