The owner of this dog had found a gas can that was on fire outside his home. The owner had told the dog, as strange as this sounds, that they needed to find help. This untrained Shepard ran off, for probably over a mile, and managed to get the attentions of a police officer whom I believe had been dispatched out, but was having troubles find the location, and followed the dog back to his home and saw the fire.

In the video you see the dog stop a couple times and look back over his shoulder to make sure the cop is still following him.

Aren't German Shepards the most amazing dogs ever? =D
I think Collies have a similar reputation Wink Dogs are pretty intelligent as far as animals go.
Saw it on Yahoo! news. The cop's GPS was malfunctioning.

And why didn't the guy have an ABC fire extinguisher, anyway?

As for dogs, I have a rat terrier that's pretty smart.
Australian Shepherds ftw
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