I'm going to try and make this
also, this
1. Yes
2. Why?
Because it's a freaking HUGE stargate, and because he can. Good luck, I look forward to seeing them done.
2. Believe it or not, I think that TIFreak8x posted that a long time ago, since he's a big fan.
Are you planning on building them in game, or modelling them to use in-game?
if i can find a good program to make models then i can make those easily.

P.S. I'm using Ubuntu!
That stargate, I want it. NAO o.o
OK i just found a good modeling program for Ubuntu, i'm going to work on it soon

EDIT:OK i'm working the Stargate first, because im more familiar with it and its on some games with custom maps

DOUBLE EDIT:For some reason Ubuntu Modeler Plus! doesn't want to texture the model that im almost done with! I also tried saving it, but it only saved as a .UMDL file!

If anyone has any help for Ubuntu Modeler Plus! then PM me!
I'm afraid not. Is it possible for you to use something like Milkshape under Wine (or natively, since you said you have an XP machine)?
Blenderblenderblenderblender. Honestly, it only took me an afternoon to reach near the same level of competence with blender that I have with milkshape. Though I still like milkshape's simplicity for smaller models.
It would be VERY hard to make that stargate in-game (To the detail shown).
well my Windows XP comp has a good graphics card in it so that it can run games better, so i only use games on my Windows XP comp, my ubuntu comp is only used for stuff other than games such as scripting, and modeling, and for some reason my ubuntu comp doesn't want to run wine, besides i just made another virtual PC with windows 7 on it and the virtual PC is very laggy whenever i have something that requires a graphics card in the comp (which for some reason the virtual PC wont grab the data from the standalone PC) so when i try to run blender or milkshape it either crashes instantly, or it just flashes a lot, which could give someone a seizure, and makes it almost impossible to create models. Whenever i try to get blender or milkshape on my Win XP comp, my virus protection says its a virus, and instantly deletes it
Then why don't you install Blender for Linux on your Ubuntu computer? Razz

Holy Run-on Batman!
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