I was wondering if it would be possible to throw in the ability to draw a textured line from one point in space, to another, like in source, for making ropes, cables, beams, and junk. The lightning datablock already does this to an extent, but I'd like to be able to use that drawing method for other things. The only other variables besides the texture would be the number of sections, and how they change direction, either parabolically for sagging cables, or randomly for lighting. Being able to trigger an event onCollision would also be nice, if possible, and when physics are integrated, add that functionality too.
Are you talking about in-game, in the World Editor, or in Constructor? It sounds like Constructor, but since it's in this forum I can only imagine you mean World Editor. There's also a slim chance you're talking about constructing ingame objects, but I seriously doubt it.
It sounds like he wants to make an object from one point to another, as if you were to take the pencil tool in paint into a 3D space.

And maybe it'd be slashable? As in, set up traps and if a player sets of a trigger, the object get's cut and a 10T anvil falls on the fellow. That's what I'm picking up.
I wanna be able to draw cords and stuff in-game, like source does with ropes, and like Torque already does to an extent with lightning.
LDraw has a system in place for "tubes" and the like. This would be pretty difficult to implement right off the bat, but I have contemplated using it in the past. I just got back from a research conference in Utah though, and need to get back in gear with FB.
well torque can already draw lines for lightning. They aren't textured, but even a colored line would be better than nothing. Ultimately I want to be able to:

A. Shoot drawn lighting(like torque can already drop) from a weapon

B. Shoot a laser beam or grappling hook(which currently requires an obscene number of particles)

C. draw cords or ropes between objects, for power lines or ropes.

Simply being able to harness the render method torque already uses for lightning would be more than good enough. Oh shiz, i forgot to post this on bountysource...
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