So TsukasaZX helpfully reminded me that the first part of The End of Time premiered this past Boxing Day. It reintroduces The Master into the series, and hoepfully without giving anything away, I can allude to that it brings back some other characters from the classic series that haven't been in the modern incarnation. I won't talk too much about the plot, since I'll assume most of you will end up watching it, but it contains a lot of build-up and foreshadowing, with nothing particularly groundbreaking or catastrophic, other than the final ten or so minutes of the episode. I was disappointed that Russell T. Davies made the science in this one even softer than usual (selectively transparent skin as a result of an incomplete resurrection? genetic templates from someone you kissed via lipstick? "Life-force" as electricity? Please), and that the plot felt like flimsy fluff stretched between the characters and situations that were being introduced. If the second half of the two-part series fulfills all the promises that were made in the first half, I'll be very happy with this, but there's a definite potential for this one to fall flat, in my opinion. What does everyone else think? Will David Tenant go out with a bang or a whimper?
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