First, ask yourself a question.
Do you hate yourself?

Or rather, do you hate yourself enough that you are simply browsing a few more webpages to gather up enough angst before you hang yourself in a brutal, yet ironic fashion?

If so, then divert your attention to this deliciously difficult yet fun morsel off the interwebs. It is a mind-numbingly difficult platformer.

It is called, rather unassumingly, Cat Planet, and you are some angel who is on a mission to meet all the cats on a planet. Or something. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Tag all the cats to win.
There are 67 cats. Knock yourself out.

It has lovely 8-bit music, and cute graphics which can run on any system.

To quote the author:
A short and simplistic exploration platformer. Fly around and talk to a bunch of cats on cat planet. Possibly difficult to beat? I can't really tell.

Arrow keys - move
F2 - mute sfx
F3 - mute music
F4 - fullscreen/windowed toggle
R - return to first room
Esc - exit
Any other key - flap wings

You can't save, so make sure you have 10-15 minutes to spare.

You can get Cat Planet here:
You can read the review and release notes over at Ludlum Dare.

I've played through it, and spent a total of an hour on it, over two days. Its good if you have enough time, and don't grind on it too hard, or the interest can quickly die.
It gets a 7/10 from me, but loses some for the overall shortness and the brutality of a few areas.

Also, to anyone who doesn't believe I've finished this sucker:[/quote]
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