Whenever I load my build from iGob, it crashes at 43%. If I load it from the build save, it crashes if I stay near it for a while or look at it for too long. The freebuild process is still running even after I close it, and I can't kill the process 'cause windows is ghetto like that, and it won't let me read the log when the process is open.
Also, I can only get 5 fps while looking in the direction of the thing, I loaded some bigger stuff from the igob stuff and I got at least 10 fps on pretty much everything.
A.youve got a spammed build(either by loading multiple times in igob, or from pepole actully spaming it)
B.its some kinda bug/error.

p. s. mabye get a better pc ? Confused
It's only about 400 bricks, so I doubt the spammed build, and I can load bigger builds without crashing. Although, it has a lot of windows and transparent pieces.
This is quite curious. What happens when you try to load the build while running FreeBuild_DEBUG?
You should add "Don't complain about building until we have Ldraw implemented" to the forum rules.
Is it loading any bots? I found that some of my old saves enjoyed crashing when it had too many bots for some reason. If that's not it, cut the save file in half and load each of them separately, cut the problematic one in half and load each of those separately, and repeat.
I've gotten this issue with decals, you could try making a sweeping removal of decals, or try finding the actual missing decal(s).
Ran debug mode
got Cannot inc ref count from zero
Will_W wrote:
Ran debug mode
got Cannot inc ref count from zero

can you describe the series of actions leading up to this?


hmm, evidently it has *something* to do with tagged strings.
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