141. you know what EEPROM is
142. you actually plan to attend the programmers convention
143. You have spearheaded the effort to build a vehicle for an online massively multiplayer game.
144. You design a new calculator protocol each day
145. You know at least 20 languages...
146. You take apart old computers and graft the components onto your calc
147. You made an electronic schematic of your calc and programmed it in to your calc
148. You act condescendingly towards people when they can't figure out advanced calculator functions on their own.
149. You consider it a mark of pride that you taught yourself TI-BASIC before realizing the manual explained it.
150. You taught yourself faster than you could have read the manual...
151. ...and you're a speedreader.
150) [[TI-Basic] ^[logic]^[z80]]<=>[language]
151) #150 makes perfect sense to you
152: you know 4 programming languages, but have no idea on how to write a computer program (z80 basic, z80 ASM, 68k BASIC, 68k ASM)
153. Your position on ticalc's top downloaded authors of all time is very important to you. Razz
154. You listen to techno, tell people "42" or "3.14159265358979323846264338327950288" and actually knew that from memory.
155. You listen to industrial metal and call it "creative music", while programming a calc.
157. You wish someone would port linux to the 8x series.
158. if you had a country, you would have a TI-Shrine
159. You have a country. It's made of LEGOs, named Cemetech Nation, and it's in your USB drive.
160. You have a "screensaver" of blub moving about the screen of your calc, randomly telling you what to do. (New prog idea!) Laughing
161. You have created a vinyl cover for your calc of Blub.
162: You have blub on your desktop
163: Blub is in your Avatar
164: Blub is in you signiture
165: The only thing in you user title is >(<')
166: BLUB!
167. you see a fish and think "Blub!"
168. You created Blub Very Happy
169. You believe that Blub's world domination is the ultimate goal
170. You always obey Blub
171. You never question Blub or his teachings
172. You have never betrayed a fellow Blubster
173. You spread the word of Blub
174. You recite the Code of Blub in your sleep
175. You create and compile an z80 program in your sleep, and it works
176. You have been widely known as "Calculator Boy"
177. Your facebook photo is a crop of the famous Doors CS 5 ad.
178. You continue to preserver to make a RPG theough 2 calc failures and 20+ RAM resets
179. You pay $12 for new Atari stickers to go over the old ones on your calc.
180. You spell better typing on your calc than on a forum
181: you type faster on calc then you can on a qwerty keyboard.
182. You take offense to being called normal
183. You feel that desktop publishing is so far below you it should be in limbo...
184. you despise scientific calculators, and want to burn 4 function calculators...
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