I was attempting to do a screen mod (removing the polarization filter on the back of the screen so it is only viewable through another polarization filter) on an old TI-86 I bought, but the ribbon cable attached to the right side of the LCD panel is now 80% detached. Is there any way I can reattach a ribbon cable, or am I going to have to write a program that only uses the top two lines of the screen?

(I will get pictures if someone needs to see it)
I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but I'm afraid there's really no way to attach that ribbon cable. You'll have to write a program to just use the top two lines of the LCD. Sad
Well, if you're really really careful, you can align it just right. That being said, I wasn't able to do it, ryantmer from CalcG wasn't able to do it, and Kerm with a microscope and an x-acto knife (wasn't that what you used?) didn't do it.
Does plastic melt on to glass? My usual way of permanently attaching things melting or solderig them together. I'm thinking if I used a VERY small tip, I could somehow melt the plastic between the wires to the screen, and that would hopefully keep the wires in contact. The other thing I was thinking was to make a long "U" shaped piece of wood or plastic and use some foam or paper to push the cable onto the screen Do either of these have any possibility of working? Since it is still partially attached, there is some hope at least.
Pressure is really your only hope, as the conducting oxide layer in the ribbon cable is extremely delicate, and the heat to melt the plastic would probably destroy the traces.

@haveacalc: that was the Mainboard<->LCD driver connector, not the LCD driver<->LCD cable.
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