KermMartian wrote:
I'm using tables for sub-alignment within the divs that define the overall layout. It seems to work well to me. The thing you pointed out in that image is a stylististic thing; I'll change it, but I'm happy as-is. I'll glance at those 7 validation errors.

You are still supposed to use divs, which work better anyway and nest just fine. Using tables for layout == failure. Then again, the W3 Validator reports 178 errors, not 7...
Hmm, it must have been doing something fun and special for me then.
sax is messed up at my res (1280x1024) for Opera, FX, and IE, take a look at the screeny
The problem is that your typing box is way too wide for some reason. I'll have to check to make sure I explicitly set the width of that in pixels....

Edit: There, is that better? I also turned your screenshot into a link.
Yep, its fixed thanks Kerm.
TheStorm wrote:
Yep, its fixed thanks Kerm.
Excellent, glad to hear. Let me know if any new problems turn up.
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