Is there a program that will take an input string (e.g. Str0) and run the app contained within that string? I feel like I've seen this somewhere but can't find it anywhere... (not for lack of trying)
I could try writing a program for you to do that, but you should know that when the app quits, it wouldn't return to the basic program that called it. It would just go to the homescreen. This is simply how the basic parser works, and I'm pretty sure that would defeat the purpose of whatever you're trying to do.

What is it you are trying to do? Maybe there's another way to do it?
No, I know that. It's just a theoretical idea. Maybe if I could create a really large scale project, package it in several apps and use the program to switch between them, when it comes to the end of one it simply runs the asm program again. I don't have any plans, just an idea.
Maybe you're thinking of

Lots of useless crap in that directory.
brandonw wrote:
Maybe you're thinking of

Lots of useless crap in that directory.
Hehe, that file gave me all the knowledge I needed for autostart of DCS on power-on. As usual, excellent coding by Brandon.
Yes, that was exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!
try to see my macrodie... and see how it uses App's as librarys!!! maybe you will notice that is not a big deal of launtching an app!!!
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