I just thought that we need a thread for everyone to post their main interests or goals =)

My main interests in computers (besides games) are
simulation (fire, water, etc.)
AI (in game and real life - DARPA grand challenge anyone?)
graphics (I do a lot of research on this when I am bored... Yesterday it was occlusion... and fire)

Those are pretty much my main fields of interest Very Happy
My two main interests would have to be computers and girls. Guess which one I know least about Sad .
Groene07 wrote:
Correct Very Happy !
Wait...nevermind... Sad
Well... let's see...

In order of decreasing interest:
- Programming
- Art
- Acting
- Math
Let's see, for me it would be:

>> Hardware (circuits and such)
>> Software: assembly, C, PHP, and such
>> Concepts: mostly AI and wearable computing platforms.
>> Trolling Kerm
I'll add to this topic...

> Playing bass
> Photoshop/ Graphic design
> Playing with my diabolo
> Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Swimming
> Learining new scripting languages (yay for JavaScript and CSS!)
> TI-BASIC programming
What's basic prgramming?
allynfolksjr wrote:
What's basic prgramming?
Apparently he's also learining speeling and gramer.
grammer is awesme
Kerm, that would be speling.
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