I'd help with the asm too! Though I'm starting college in the fall, so I can't say what kind of free time I'll have just yet...
magicdanw wrote:
I'd help with the asm too! Though I'm starting college in the fall, so I can't say what kind of free time I'll have just yet...
I always have absolute zero free time, but that never stops me. Very Happy
KermMartian wrote:
magicdanw wrote:
I'd help with the asm too! Though I'm starting college in the fall, so I can't say what kind of free time I'll have just yet...
I always have absolute zero free time, but that never stops me. Very Happy
<magicdanw does some mental arithmetic, and comes up confused>
Oh teach me your logic-bending ways, great master of time! Laughing
I work because I must. I work instead of thinking, and work instead of dream.
KermMartian wrote:
Thanks for flattering me by using my checkbox. Smile

You should really consider porting this to ASM; I might help.

I actually didn't realize they were your checkboxes until you pointed that out, I haven't had DCS on my calc in a little while. Razz

As for porting to asm, I would if I knew asm, I've tried to learn many times but I think my main obstacle is the fact that I can't get a compiler that works on either of my computers (Fedora 8 and OS X 10.3.9). I tried using Z80asmIDE on the linux computer but that crashed the compiler with the hello world program from 28 days. Perhaps if someone could help me find a good compiler that's easy to use, I might be greatly sped up in this endeavor.
Lafferjm was going to post a topic on how he got an assembler working under Linux; I just nagged him to get it up already.
You can use the OTBP on-calc assembler if you've really can't find any on your computer:


or a modified version of it (I think this one's better):

Eww. I would stay away from on-calc assemblers. I can't imagine writing a program of any decent length on such a tiny screen, and without emulators and such.
Well, lafferjm just sent me a pm, I had to ask for a little clarification but after that I should be on the path to an asm version of Lunar IDE, perhaps for version 3.0? Kind of like Kerm did with Doc DE (versions 1-3 in basic, 4+ in asm). It seems a little large to start out after I finish 28 days. Plus I think 28 days is for 83 asm, so I don't know how much of a difference there will be for 83+ basic.
z80 is z80, and incidentally ASM in 28 Days is written with the 83+ in mind. It is ASMGuru, an inferior guide, that deals primarily with 83-style asm. I'll of course strongly suggest that you use the text-editing and GUI routines built into Doors CS for this, as they'll save you gobs of time as space, but it's up to you. Work on learning ASM first.
Well, that certainly takes a little weight off of what I thought I was going to have to learn. I will definitely focus on learning asm first, and your offer sounds very tempting and I will probably use I just have two minor concerns/ideas: First, I remember hearing that your text input routines don't handle tokens and second, that I really enjoyed figuring out how to create a custom text editor in basic, so that might apply but I also might be lazy. Razz
Nice Job!!!! *applause*
and that context menu looks oddly familiar =D

..."load from string1"... does it put the name of the current program being edited in string 1 too so that that option would be an essential "restore session" option? because that would definately be very cool =D

btw... what are you planning on doing with plugins? as in what functions are you considering implementing?
Thank you. That 'context' menu was there before but it is static it never changes with the current line.

Load from str1 just takes the program name in Str1 and upon starting the IDE it opens that program. There is a way to load the last program for a restore session ability. That is incorporated with the History ability, which stores the last 10 programs editted in an appvar and if "Open last prgm on start" is selected it will open the first program on the stack. Every time a program is opened (or created) it is added to the top of the stack and if there is an 11th, that is deleted.

I dunno.. the plugin system is rather primitive at the moment. The only thing I know is how it will be called, just like all other subroutines.
After a three month break, this project is not, dead, and work has been resumed. Basically, I have converted the entire program over to use the det( command with Iambian's working beta of the Celtic III app. (Which is [i]awesome[i], I might add, go get it now:here ). I think that putting it down for a while helped a lot, I am coming back into it with a fresh perspective and suddenly I understand the breadth of everything that needs to be accomplished, so I have been pumping through bugs and much needed completions of crucial sections that I had been dilatory in the making of.

Chief updates:
* Full implementation of the 'History' feature. There is a F2 (window) two-state button that turns the history view on and off during the opening of a program. Normal view is just the programs in alphabetical order. History view is the last 10 programs opened, starting with the most recent. Next task is to have the user select the number of previous
programs to store.
* Read-only mode for archived programs. Lines can be edited but changes won't be made.
* Opening from the last program or Str1 or neither has been implemented. Also, if the last program or the program in Str1 has been deleted, there is a screen that says "Program does not exist."
* When opening programs the XTEMP0... programs created by Celtic III via the real(10, function are skipped, seeing as I use two of those in my program and they are constantly changing, the results could be pretty bad.
* Recalling and calling programs are implemented. Yet again with calling programs, the "Asm(" is included if necessary. The advantage that has been given to be from Celtic III is that recalling programs is now almost instantanious, which is nice.

I still have to write code to deal with a plethora of contingencies for program failure ([ON] breaks), editing program failure and the like. I forsee a workable beta in approximately one - two months, given my school workload plus expected extracuriculars.
Celtic III is great, but it doesn't work well with xLIB programs. I will switch to it only when xLIB compatibility will be fully implemented.
I'm glad to hear this is still under development, Zaphod! Good luck.
Thanks! I have some cool, post-worthy updates. So, with out further ado, the post.

I have pretty much fully implemented the new program creation screen and features (one small bug that will be soon resolved). Here is the screen:

The features:
Name: Duh.
Done: If "Off", inserts a basic Output(1,1," at the end of the program
Header: Several options here: None, MOS, DCS 8, DCS 16, Hybrid. Each inserts a standard template header into the beginning of the code. Same as last version.
Window: Leaves spaces to set window variables for the program if it is a primarily graph screen program. Three standard options: Don't set, min/max, min/scl. Min/max leaves spaces to set the x and y mins and maxes. Min/scl leaves spaces to set the x and y mins and scales.
Warning: Inserts a chunk of code to see if either Celtic or xLIB is installed and quit if its not.

So the picture above would (currently) produce the following code to start:
FOOBAR wrote:
:If det([[1
Generated by SourceCoder, © 2005 Cemetech

In other news, more boring features are being completed.
Nice graphics! Can't wait for it to come out!
Can you make that a Return instead of a Stop? Shell compatibility ftw. Smile
Yeah, BASIC programers should always use Return instead of Stop, as this lets other programs call upon the program without exiting themselves.
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