Well, after a RAM clear last night, and spending a few hours trying to get the lost data back, I have finally gotten all the programs save 1 back to where it was. The last program is one of the map data programs, which shouldn't take me too long to reprogram in. Then hopefully work can resume again
Glad you were able to rescue them, but tsk that a RAM Clear happened in the ifrst place. Sad What caused it?
Dunno, Resource was the only asm program I was using before the crash. I don't think it was that though, it has never crashed like that before. I am guessing an unstable OS. <.< It is running 1.16
You will be happy to know that, other than testing, the engine and maps are returned to where I last left off. Hopefully nothing else bad happens... <.<

Just showing off the scrolling system some more, with another map. Smile


In ZGA, change L to 0 to play with more of the maps. ZGA, ZMA, ZRS and RESOURCE need to be unarchived to play around with it.
I finally have it set up so you can enter houses. Well, at the moment, just one house, but as more maps are created, and put in the calc, this will increase. Smile

Anyways, the screenie:

If someone would like to help me out, I could really use a good map editor. It would have to ask how many rows and columns, and have all letters, numbers, and everything from http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/384/38404.html If you would be willing to do that, that would be of tremendous help. And heck, you could even throw it on ticalc as the "official" RPGSK2 map editor. Razz

Anyways, I might try for NPC interactions, and signs as a next step. Just thought I would throw this up here. Smile
I have added tons of things since the last post, NPC and sign interactions in Pallet are complete, though I still have a few things left to do, like events.

Right now, I am working on implementing events that happen during talking with npcs. Should be a piece of cake...
Are you still using the same engine for graphics as before? If so, might I suggest ASMizing at least parts of the graphics?
yup, still using the basic hex2sprite program, and really wanting to stay away from using anymore asm if I can help it. The game is for the 83+SE anyways, and it does not really take a terrible amount of time to load sprites on there.

Tonight, I plan on getting the yes/no box put into the text dialogue...
the last thing I need to add to my editor is editing Wink

which shouldn't be too hard. maybe I should do that tonight
Well, that yes/no box is becoming quite a bit of trouble to add into the text display engine. I don't know why it is not cooperating, such an annoyance. If I can't figure out something tonight, I will just skip it for the time being, and add in the buildings and such, get at least that much complete...
Well, not much progress has been done lately, been busy doing.. nothing, really... Worked on the maps a lil more over the weekend. Will hopefully find the drive to work on more of them tonight, and maybe get Viridian done...
Cool deal. Did you ever get the yes/no choice box working properly?
it is failing at life hard core. I think a rewrite of the text displayer may be in order.
hmm... a full month of updates to post... will still be a fairly short list. Razz

    I removed the line by line display for the text displayer, and just used the char by char part of it. The yes/no menu box works perfectly (though I will have to edit it slightly, because I realized a better way to do it by Mathstuf)

    I have added some interior maps to Viridian

    I made a program using Celtic 2 to create another basic program on the fly with altered lists for the healing effects from the pokecenter and a few other places, saved a bit of space doing it that way. Smile

    I have went through the entire list of pokemon and got the moves learned at their levels, and converted them to list form on paper, and just a few days ago got all that data put on the calc. Had to use 3 progs to do it. >.<

And now working on getting the equations set up in a way that will work for using Celtic 2. this should be fun... >.<
Excellent, nice work. You're not going to wait for Celtic3?
No. Celtic3 is simply too much. Would give me too many features and such, and at which point I might as well give it graphics for the maps and such like the original.

I am still holding true to using minimal asm. Smile

I even got rid of the asm titlescreen, which leaves me with.. Celtic2, List>Str converter and Resource I believe...
Orly, no more grayscale titlescreen? Sad Yeah, I definitely support keeping your BASIC as pure as possible.

Also, redoing all the pokemon sprites, to get rid of alot of this white space that was on there. Will shrink the programs a great deal I hope. Smile
I finally picked this back up. Kinda felt guilty it was not being worked on, so I went back to spriting. Should not take much more to get it completed. Smile
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