I stumbled across http://moi3d.com/ on the Indigo forums. I might try it out later, but I don't have time to dl right now (my internet is worse than dial up, seriously)

Kerm, you might like it, it seems to support tablets Smile

And if Groene posts his file, I intend to render it in Indigo and see what I can get of it Very Happy
Harq, that looks pretty cool, I think I'll probably give it a try. What let you to stumble across it
I was reading http://www.indigorenderer.com/joomla/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2486 and I saw a lot of references to MoI modeller, and I wondered WTF it was =P

So I googled it and Voila Smile

Here is another example of Indigo (I rendered it 1 hour and 35 minutes, so there is still lots of noise)
Amazing caustics...
Heres some of my recent doings:

That first one looks really good!
could you PLEASSEEEE post the model in .obj format? I haven't done any modelling recently and I want to try rendering that in Indigo =)
I'm impressed, very well done. I look forward to seeing what you do with that, especially adding some more materials such as the lens and LEDs behind it.
If I had a tablet I would dl MOI and try that... Apparently it is extremely good at modelling objects like that (I think it is almost entirely NURBS based...)
MoI is great! At school we use Autodesk Inventor, whose GUI, admittedly, I'm a little more accustomed to. But, MoI is free, and it's pretty similar!

/me runs off to go render some random stuff.
Harrierfalcon wrote:
MoI is great! At school we use Autodesk Inventor, whose GUI, admittedly, I'm a little more accustomed to. But, MoI is free, and it's pretty similar!

/me runs off to go render some random stuff.

Blender owns autodesk =P

In some ways... And the gui is completely customizeable (almost)
I'm still totally confused by Blenders GUI, its hotkeys, and it O_o.

But MoI works for me. It doesn't seem to cooperate with Indigo, so I'm off to find a different renderer.

EDIT: I've seen everywhere people saying they modeled with MoI, but used Indigo to render. I tried saving my MoI creation as an .igs, but Indigo doesn't like it. Anyone else get them working together?
Is there a format that MoI exports to that works with Blender? As in can you export in MoI, import into Blender, and then export it to an Indigo friendly format...
For some reason I never installed this before on my tablet. Just loaded it; I'll post up some of the stuff I come up with.
Today i downloaded several modellers on to my flash drive. I will try them out and let you guys know how good they are. The ones i have downloaded are aztec 3d, ArtOfIllusion, Anim8tor, and blender. I already posted about blender so i wont add another post about it.
Save the file as .obj and than use blendigo from there. So I assume you have tried Indigo then? =)

Oh yeah, the Blender importer doesnt always seem to play nice with .3ds files for me...

And the reason saving it as .igs won't work is because it is a custom storage file, simple method, but it still is custom (stores included preferences etc.) Very Happy
Here is an eggplant render i created in anim8tor using a tutorial. I don't think it is too bad for being my first one using it. Overall i actually found anim8tor pretty decent and can't wait to try out the other tutorials.

looks good for your first run through a new 3d program. Smile

I've started a new project...working a concept desk light I got in my noggin. ;p
Hey Groene, what did you use to render the flashlights and the puzzle?
just the default 3ds max 5.1 scanline renderer I believe.
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