Once upon a moment, penguins took apart their super duper trashcans of pain. This caused a huge, painful explosion from the formidable hordes of the Slitheen Slivers assembled around KermMartian's shoe since he forgot to ban noobs. They then shot Cemetech's lowest posting admin in the chest, however his foot, which is an ice block transformed by supernatural calories from Slimfast, was melting upwards through several layers of glass slippers. The last thing that Bob remembers is falling into a large wormhole that suddenly exploded as it collapsed into utter cheesiness that spawned many demons from Walmart. He never dreamed he had entered an alternate dimensions full of cheddar penguins carrying bags filled completely with ketchup. When he finally finished building the huge death ray, he used his eyes to eat the gigantic worms of Atlantica. The worms tasted like kidney on a stick, however KermMartian died because he did not eat anything that knew whether or not his ultimate calculator died during dinner. Friday night, his fear of tomatoes went dancing with shining blue calculators of justice and eventually he used dinner plates in his forum to prepare for an unknown foe of green poop unicorns pooping eyeballs out of his nose, thus starting the chain reaction abolishing I am too lazy to actually make my own post so instead I quote people and then don't say anything new. In the basement of McDonalds under twenty fries cooked in squid brains stood upon couches eating bacon strips was a big Kllrnohj fisting mah warm beanbag laser chair. Meanwhile 9001 corpses attacked Vegeta's scouter after power exerted from miniature models ignited his refrigerator causing achainreaction affecting massive hiccups across the the the buttocks. Increasingly vermilion cows' MEAT proceededed to grazed heaps of buttons mashed from plastic poop so that Kakarot could save zombies' butts from the evil buffalo of yo'mamma so Bulma can insert TI83+ into radioactive abysmal cheeseballs of French prostitutes from Iceland "WUT? Random" yelled... "MAGICAL abominations from Uranus in your room of rubber where penguins carried a torch, forgetting where Wozniak spammed all macfags and winfans during which angry lemons forgot how much they cleaned every other GODZILLA!!! Then /b/ closed because m00t wanted to be an hero. Without /b/ the memes EXPLODED with laughter because DDoS had wreaked the big salmon sleeping within
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