Next year I will need to make a 3d animation for first robotics...I'm allowed to make things before hand, so I'm going to begin work on the robot we built this year. I figure, I'll get an early start, and get comments to help me along the way. I'll post back tomorrow with some work....

Heres the robot:
sweet, your in FIRST. I am too (or was I should say). Team 904/1227 (1227 had no money, so we joined 904). How did you guys do in competition? We won Chicago, and made the Semi-Finals in West Michigan.
we didn't do so hot this year....We didn't place in St. Louis.....We didn't really rank in nationals. We've done really well in years past. Here's a link to our website Do you have a site??? P.S. check out the robotics tale video....It's pretty cool one first place in st louis. Very Happy [/url]
You live in/near St. Louis? Thats where I be chillin', f00 Very Happy. South City, baby!
kllrnohj, just because he went to regionals there doesn't mean he lives there (think about it, we went to Chicago and West Michigan ones, anyone can tell you it is impossible to live in both areas, but we are a West Michigan team).


To tell you I enjoy button collecting (and those are only from two years at West Michigan, I also have some from Chicago and Nationals lying around also, just not on that lab coat).
lol....Least you guys made a video. We didn't (oops, correction I didn't (lol since i'm the 3d team)) make a video this year. Cool site though Very Happy
Yeah, but I see your site got recognized for being pwnsome. Well done.
well, yeah, of course it got an award, I helped design it.
yeah...we do have a few site awards. our main problem is our drivers never get time to practice because we dont start build for like 3weeks Sad
ouch, that doesn't help. This year, I think we were drivable by week 4 (not everything worked, but drivable), and then it was ready to go for ship. Last year, our bot wasn't even on the field for over half the matches.
lol, yeah our mentor is always stubborn....He'll come up with a general idea, no one likes it, but he'll push for it for like two weeks.....When we finally talk it out of him we hardly have anytime to actually brainstorm..... Sad
rivereye wrote:
kllrnohj, just because he went to regionals there doesn't mean he lives there (think about it, we went to Chicago and West Michigan ones, anyone can tell you it is impossible to live in both areas, but we are a West Michigan team).

...which is why I asked him if he lived in/near St. Louis. The question made up 1/3rd of my post - how could you miss it? FYI, questions usually end in question marks - which look like this "?" Rolling Eyes.
lol.....I live in Iowa, So I suppose it's kind of close. (So compete in more than one regional??? How many sponsors do you guys have? We have like one (Rockwell collins) offense (especially if your one of these teams) but it irks my nerves seeing teams that have major car companies as sponsors...

lol, did you see the new rule this year...No teams can use hydrogen fuel cells on their robots... The only reason for that is because many of those teams could probably use that technology....It's just sad. (I'm also disappointed in picking for final rounds, it's more political than anything, Chief Delphi got picked this year....they were like dead last in our division (Curie)

o well.....I better stay quiet or Dean K. might come and throw me out of robotics....or worse, steal my hat thats autographed by him Surprised Just Joking
well, 904's main sponsor is GM (don't hurt me). Also, it isn't always political for selection. When it was time for selection at Chicago, we were in last place (that is the way to win it I tell you).
lol......So how much money do they give you? Rockwell gives us 11,000. 6,000 for regionals, and the rest goes towards nationals (the rest is paid through our own fund raisers)
25k I think, but I may be wrong.
wow....That's quite a bit of cash.....Well, maybe we'll see each other at nationals next year. Very Happy
not sure how involved I will be next year. College and work are going to come first in my life, then FIRST.
lol.....but the name of first says it all.....compete in FIRST, nah I'm just kidding...Well maybe I won't ever see you at nationals...
like I said, we shall see how things go. Maybe you guys should try to go to West Michigan (and see what a real regional is all about).
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