One of Cemetech's superglobal moderators and also one of the first members to join the site when we moved to real hosting, Rivereye, has been promoted to the position of full administrator of Cemetech. This decision was made both because of his long service and dedication to the site, and because one of our other admins, JPez, has left the technology scene for the most part. Rivereye has been put in charge of the archives; while I, Kerm, will still be dealing with most of the code for the backend of the archives, Rivereye will be dealing with policy, ideas, and moderation of the archives. Please welcome Rivereye and nag him about our archives.
Welcome! Very Happy

*nag nag nag*
hey, I hope to out do the guys and have a quick turnaround.
I say, to make the archives super fast, everything that gets uploaded is automatically put into the archives, but until it gets reviewed by rivereye or whoever, it gets a disclaimer stamped on it like "WARNING, this program has not been tested, download at own risk" hehe
Happy birthday, rivereye. Have fun... Razz
yeah, but I am on a couple of times a day, so it really shouldn't be an issue to check it (heck, it tells me when there is a file waiting to be approved, so I don't even have to go outside my normal realm all that often.).
Yup, the way I have it set up, it indicates pending files to admins in the sidebar in the "Logged In" section, so it's immediately evident if something needs to be dealt with.
Congrats Rivereye!!! Very Happy
Congradulations Rivereye!
Congrats rivereye!
Congradulations rivereye! Good Idea
rivereye wrote:
(heck, it tells me when there is a file waiting to be approved, so I don't even have to go outside my normal realm all that often.

You are aware that if you include parenthetical information with an opening parenthesis, you also need to close it, right?
what, I thought this was TI-BASIC?
I think he's just used to TI-83+ TI-BASIC programming, where programmers don't have to always have a closing parenthasis. Wink

EDIT: Great minds think alike. I guess. @Rivereye
Way to post the same thing at the same time, guys. ("We don't use closing paretheses!
Lol, Rivereye, here is a nice, comfy office chair...
Congratulations rivereye! Hope you find the donuts... Wink
Bwahahahaha! You have to love the 'Go to new posts' button. Very Happy

Yep, you sure do. Smile

And good job on the archive Kerm, good way to have the computer nag you and your fellow admins.

How many global admins do you have?
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