In this post i am not going to tell what is a shame because you should easily be able to pull it out. This story was true and actually happened. Please excuse all of the language, but it is being used to preserve the attitude of what happened.

Alright i work at walmart and it was about fifteen minutes until i had to leave. I was walking up and down the isles looking for loose carts just because i could when i noticed a car pulling in a parking spot behind someone who was backing out. The lady stayed there for some time then a black guy (sorry if this is offending but color is necessary in this post) got out of his car and asked her to please move so he could leave. Her response was, "Why don't you just fucking pull ahead." What she couldn't see was there was a truck parked across from the guys car. He responded, "You should have seen that i was backing out now move." She sat there and the guy said, "Fuck it i am just going to stay here now." This made the lady mad. As the man was getting back out of his car from turning it off, an old white lady got out of her car and yelled, "You are the reason white people are prejudice." Then she drove off and found another parking spot. Then while the man was standing in front of the store she started putting her finger in his face and yelled about three times, "You should have pulled the fuck forward." This then finally started to anger the man. He said, "You better get away from me before i strangle your a." He recieved a reply of, "I dare you to put your black hands on me, my daughter is a lawyer." Then the man said, "I don't give a fuck about your daughter now get away from me before i strangle you." Then the woman started repeating, "I dare you to put your black hands on me." as she entered the store.

Sorry for the most likely terrible grammar and lack of paragraphs, but once again its a shame and i will let you figure out what is.
[edited] Kllrnohj, this is the second time you've made a reference to women and driving. wth, are you sexist or something? -Kerm

[edited]No, but why couldn't you just respond rather than editing me post? Admin abuse!
HAHAHA. Reminds me of a joke my friend said "[oh come on, you too? That's not even remotely amusing. -K]" Oh well. That story sounds interesting, to bad you didn't get it on video Sad

EDIT: If Lafferjm can quote racism, I can quote sexism >.<
I know that people were raised in an environment of racism back then, but I still find it amazing the amount of racism in the last generation... Sad
Kerm... you're retarded. No wonder you don't have any social life. At all.
allynfolksjr wrote:
Kerm... you're retarded. No wonder you don't have any social life. At all.
Mmm, you're so right, my IQ is 12 and I have no friends. Maybe I should delete Cemetech and shout in all caps on #tcpa.
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