Semester ends I think the either next week of the 17th, but starts up again the 26th of January.

I took my math final today; don't need to go back to math anymore! I only have to go to one class now :O Once a week 8)

EDIT: I'm relieved my classes start up on the 26th, by then I'll have my new filter for my 400D, and hopefully a new lens :D But if not a new lens, then by march I should have it ;D
What kind of filter or lens?
Hoya 58mm 72[0nm] Infrared Filter & hopefully a 11-18mm Wide-Angle/Aspherical, which is like 500$ >.>
$500 is pretty cheap.
In the field of photography, that is true. But it's a chunk out of my wallet on a budget like mine =/ I'd rather spend ~800$ on another 400D and convert it into a dedicated Infrared camera (yay, normal shutter speeds!) But I feel that I need to perfect my IR Photography & Editing before I spend that much on a dedicated camera...
I see nothing... wtf?
Where do you expect to see something? Neutral
I'm confused...
The first post is empty Laughing
OH! Haha. I took a look and there should be an image, but it is hosted by Image shack, the file was probably deleted ages ago. Look throigh the Candid Photo's/Photo Shop thread, there are some 'empty' posts as well Rolling Eyes
I see, haha Razz
I think we can guess what it was supposed to be by the title, schoolsout.jpg. Smile Exactly two weeks to go!
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