OK, so here's the plan. I started thinking about the plausibility of this, and I thought of a couple of things. First, I definitely need this:

Secondly, I'm working on a spritesheet.
Edit: max sprite size is 27x19.
Edit2: Preliminary spritesheet based on CS1:

Edit3: Better sprite layout:

Edit4: Sprite layout for zoomed-out view:
no offense, but any interest in some better sprites?

other than that can't wait to see how this comes out.
elfprince13 wrote:
no offense, but any interest in some better sprites?

other than that can't wait to see how this comes out.
Obviously. I just ripped the old ones straight from CS1 for reference for now Smile The sprite size and shape is different, so they wouldn't work anyway.

Edit: grayscale? Eh?
Nice grayscale! This definitly looks like somthing I'd try, maybe I should go download the first one...
Hmm? Now I have to try the first one Razz but it looks cool nice going Kerm.
Partial spritesheet for you guys to drool over. The top is the mask, the bottom is the icon itself.

I like the sprites. Are you setting any type of time table for this project?
Nope, nothing of the sort planned yet, particularly with all the stuff I'm doing this summer. Smile
I'm really liking the sprite sheets (especially the grayscale). I can't wait to try it when it come out.
WOW! Those are awesome sprites!

Now all I have to hope for is combat in this game, and it'll be perfect! Very Happy
If someone could design some 8-12px tall person sprite, I'd love it...
sweet sprite this is looking awsome hope this is done soon so i can try it out. :p
Kerm, really sounds nice, I also want to try it when it somes out, the first command and conquer isometric ASM game for the 83 series that I have heard about...

Anyways, would this sprite work for the guys? I know its crude and simple, but it works:

(The left-most black pixels are actually the second column)

If you want, I'll try to make a dude in 3-level grayscale...

Just trying to help Smile
I believe he said 8-12 px tall =P
Angel: It's actually inspired by Age of Empires. Smile And that looks great. I'll try working that into a 4-level grayscale sprite, and you're welcome to do the same. I'm toying with the idea of animated walking, as well...

Pseudo: that's 13 tall. Close enough Smile
OK, I got it, just delete the 8th or 9th row, it should work then.
And what I mean by command and conquer is the general genre, where you play as the supreme force that decides everything in your power (the command part) and then you try to destroy/economicaly decapitate (conquer) the rest of the world.

@Psuedo: Yeah, sorry about that, my aint seems to not like mean. Whenever I ask for a 12-pxl high thing, it gives me 11 pixels to work with, so I always do 1 more in both directions...
No, you think it is only smaller because in reality, there is a 0 column and 0 row, so column 11 is the 12th column.
I just looked at the first post, at edit 4, and that looks EXACTLY like the 86 sims game. Razz Is that what you were shooting for?
@Psuedo: Yeah... just realized that... I've been programming Basic for 3 years... I should've known... Sad *rather have the bashes head against wall emoticon...*

Anyways, here is the 4-level grayscale i cooked up in 2 seconds, this time with the correct dimensions...

Maybe I should switch the grey-ness of the eyes and head...
I suggest making the eyes and head 1 level darker.
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