96% done, eh? What's the other 4%, debugging and stuff?
The third boss, optimizing...tweaking to perfection. That's about it.
More tweaking! YAY!

Can't wait for the game; nice new avatar as well. Smile
To those of you who are like "************ I ******* lost to **** Kraid *** again!", your relief is coming, in more ways than one.

Kraid is weaker and slightly easier to beat.

Not entirely. The second boss is about to deal about 2 times more damage. (He should be harder than Kraid :p)

This, however, is saved! Literally. You can now save! Press [MODE] at a save spot. (There'll be no enemies in the area).

And because of this, I omitted the developmental version.

Get it here.
Kerm, you said it looked smooth on an 83+ emu? (PTI)

Here's one using a 84+SE ROM and the killer Wabbit:
True to Metroid Prime, Metroid Pi now "scans" your X while it's saving Smile.
Wonder why it's not that smooth on my -84+ SE? Neutral
Maybe because it's a '-84+SE', not a '84+SE'?
Harrierfalcon wrote:
True to Metroid Prime, Metroid Pi now "scans" your X while it's saving Smile.

This looks like it might be the first BASIC game of its type I'll actually try.
I know how cheesy this will sound, but I'm honored Very Happy.
That's as cheezy as it gets Harrier. Razz
Harrierfalcon wrote:
I know how cheesy this will sound, but I'm honored Very Happy.
Thanks, and glad to hear it.
Don't bother to feel honored, but I'm the same way as Kerm. Smile
You're better than you give yourself credit for. Smile

Anyways, I've remade most of the rooms so that they use different tiles to show which sector you're in. For example, after you get the Hyper Beam, shoot the door in the room where you start, and enter it, the tiles are different...and so on. It's much more memory friendly, because the Finance N is a two-byte token, and the other tokens I replaced it with are only one.
This is an EXTREMELY high quality game! Good job Harrierfalcon! Very Happy

This is gonna the first only BASIC game that will stay on my calculator, besides all of calc84maniac's that he's given over the months... Cool

Hehehe....what about Avalanche? Smile
That was great as well! Very Happy
That's Amazing! Surprised

I haven't programmed on calc in a while, starting to focus on computer programming.

Just wondering, are those text sprites?
Thanks! This is really encouraging me to finish it...Very Happy

Technically, they are not traditional text sprites, but in a up-front sense they are. The code for making stuff look like that usually looks something like this:
:StorePic 1
:RecallPic 1
So I guess they are text sprites.
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