As those of you from UTI (and those who watch my sig) would know, my most recent project is Metroid Pi, a pure basic Metroid game. To date, it has 2 bosses, 3 powerups, and 4 types of enemies.

It is also a leap in my programming, since this is the first game even slightly resembling an RPG. And because as far as I know, this is the second pure basic Metroid game.

For those who don't have link cables or who don't want to download it...

And for those of us who do care, here is a demo.

Looks pretty sweet! How complete is it? Projected release date? Speed and size?
Estimated Completion: 95%
Projected Release: Sometime next week, if I get time to work on it.
Speed: Fairly fast. With noticeable lag but not enough to ruin gameplay.
Size: Umm...yeah. It's an pseudo-RPG. It lowered my RAM from somewhere around ~23000 bytes to 9501, if it tells you anything.

Thanks! You should really try it...
App version maybe, please, people would prefer an app when its that size if at all possible.
p.s. Where can I get the newest version?
Developers (For those lazy people who want to skip Kraid): Click!
Demo: Click!
You should look on for more up to date updates on this project.
Agreed. I find it hard enough to work on the project, never mind posting about it in multiple forums.
k I'll stick to UTI then.
Awww, but we love hearing from you here. Smile Well, I'll check both and post here when you make significant progress on UTI.
^_^ I'll try to post here as much as I can, but no guarantees.
Anyways, I've been working on this a little, and I've changed a few things around. prgmZZMOVE, if you couldn't guess, is the physics engine. I have changed it around a tad, so now, if you walk off an edge, you hang in the air for a frame before falling. However, you can "bevel" yourself up onto platforms. In other words, I have rearranged it so that you fall/rise, THEN move sideways. Why? Well...if you are fast enough, you can walk/run/move sideways (whichever you prefer) and then jump, and instead of taking the usual lag of a frame to be able to move sideways, you can now move sideways instantly. (If you couldn't tell I was trying to see if I could make Kraid easier this way.) And if I'm not mistaken, it seems to have sped it up a trifle Smile. Get the updated ones here.
And to keep people updated on the status, here's my to-do list.

  1. Write the third boss.
  2. Add the plasma beams to the second boss, increase damage a lot, maybe add a phase.
  3. Write the final interactive pseudo-cinematic.
  4. Optimize, optimize, optimize!
What do you guys think Wink ?
That sounds just like Mario when you go across holes holding B.
Ahm....I have to say this.
Metroid != Mario

But what I mean is, before you were forced to jump up like this (numbers represent the order):


But now you can jump like this:


Make sense Wink?
Love it. Can't wait for the real thing! Very Happy
I can't either, but I have a bit more work to do...
I agree, this looks to be a pretty epic BASIC game. I love how smooth it looks, from the screenshots anyway.
It is relatively smooth. It has what I refer to as "Contra lag", which means lag that is noticable but doesn't impede gameplay.

Well, that motivates me, even more than getting stabbed by Weregoose's optimization stick.

You think it's epic, but you haven't tried it out? Confused
I'm stuck on the 1st boss. I've got the gun, and I know when to shoot him, (when he does "<"), but there's a bug or something so after about 4 shots at the "<", the "=" just started shooting. I'm confused. Sad
Yeah, I'm going to weaken Kraid a bit...
Sorry for the doublepost, but I've updated it.

Added features:
  • Weaker Kraid Smile.
  • Stronger 2nd boss and plasma shooting from the walls.

Get it here.
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