Cyclic... interesting.

Whats up with that giant spike a few years ago Shock
First one to find the integral of the graphed equation wins!
re teh spike: this version of the site opened 3-14-2005, so that is where that spike came from. It seems that is is a sinular wave right now, with crests in the summer. There are things that affect this though, like my activity has gone down due to me working now, but I still try to get on everyday if I can. I will have a lot more time in summer probably as I won't have school in the way of my time, but I will have fishing, ah well.
I wonder if it's the same for other ti forums. seems like it, but I've never looked at posting stats on the other forums.
Yeah, that looks right. People start programming by truckload when they get their calcs (around August) and in response to not knowing anything for finals.
And also in response to back-to-school, when people are getting their brand-new calculators for school.
or start using their calc again, but there are other reasons too for post count changes (finals, extra work, other things).
Indeedy. I really need to investigate that one 300+-post day, though; it seems quite suspicious...
it is (isn't that about the time I became active too in the forums also?).
'Tis indeed. Very Happy Did you post 300 times and then delete 299 of your posts?
no, I don't remember posting that much in a single day, but if it was right when I did, it may have been other people also.
Or there just be a good ol' inter-site flame war going on right about then Very Happy That would sure cause a spike....
Actually, wasn't that around the time when agility/Ultimate Dev'r first appeared around here?
maybe. I think it might be time to go back in time in the forums.
rivereye wrote:
maybe. I think it might be time to go back in time in the forums.
Unfortunately, that's impossible to some extent because of the corrupted database. Sad
is it at all related to the fact that Kerm has tweaked the database to include our old postcounts?
too low for that one, and I think those posts may not be corrupted, ah well, really don't feel like digging though.
Here's an up-to-date graph that I generated today for fun.

oh for the days of our youth when every day was a 175-post-day
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