Amazing job on PyroEdit III Insanity. I can't wait to download it. Looks a lot better than Pyro Edit II ( or maybe it was one... for got which one i have on my calc)
I like the new GUI and the loading bar at the beginning Smile
Angel14995 wrote:
What's the other 1%? Uploading? And by the way, nice job. It looks really nice. How did you get it to recognize programs that start with [theta][theta]PE as modules?

The other 1 percent is the user guide and a small bug in the third mouse subroutine needs to be fixed (it goes out of bounds on the 84 calcs for some reason).

"PROGLIST  //BrandonW's program list retriever.  Muchos gracias.
If not(Ans
Menu("No Modules Found","Quit",X

Returns a exponent "E"-delimited list all modules (if any found) which PyroEdit parses and reads descriptions from afterwards.
Looks great, Insanity! Well done.
PyroEdit Updates:
- PyroEdit now supports PyroMap modules.
- PyroEdit will now poll modules for initialization scripts.
- A module skeleton is now as follows:

:"[Title/Description of Module]>Dec
:If [italic n]:Goto S
:Return [if needed]
:Lbl S
:[init script]

I've got the User Guide, now I'm writing documentation for each module.
PyroEdit 3.0 (RC1)
One word: Finally!!!
Remember to post any bugs, quirks, or things that can be changed, your on modules or better versions of the ones I have made, etc!

Have fun!

It should be arriving in the Uploads anytime soon...
Edit: It's there now (83plus BASIC Graphics Programs)
Here is a bug for you. After i send it and try to run it i get an error because of one of the temp programs.
Which Temp number does it stop at?
PyroEdit 3.0 RC2 is now out.
- Most lowercase letters are now caps. It saved a lot of space.
- Optimizations.
Awesome job on PyroEdit. I like the update monitor too. Very Happy

RC3 is now out - Updates:
- More optimizations. Start-up should be a little bit faster now.
- Module skeleton:

If you are NOT going to use an init script...
:If [italic n]:Return
:If [italic n]:Goto S

:[program code here]

...and finally, if you ARE going to use an init script...
:Lbl S
:[init script here]
...otherwise you're done after your program code.

- The ZoomEdit module has been updated and included in PyroEdit Extras.
- TiLP users: If you are having problems sending the groups to your calculator and you keep getting programs that start with brackets instead of Thetas, try sending them individually from the folders instead. If the problem persists, I will make two PyroEdit packages to remedy this problem.

Click signature to download.
PyroEdit Module: Run Indicator
This module lets you turn off the run indicator (and will reload your setting at start up). Usually when Pics get saved, part of the run indicator sometimes gets saved with it. You can now clean that up and use that blank space for something.

You can download it from here.
Insanity wrote:
PyroEdit Module: Run IndicatorUsually when Pics get saved, part of the run indicator sometimes gets saved with it.[/url]

Not "usually". When interrupts and the run indicator are enabled and the calc's in interrupt mode 2.
Wouldn't that be interrupt mode 1, since the system ISR (and hence the run indicator) only run in IM 1 (unless your vectors for IM 2 point to 0x0038 for no apparent reason).
Whoops, my mind was thinking modes 1-3, forgetting that the first one is 0, not 1. Razz
PyroEdit 3.0
- ZoomEdit updated - preview feature added (GRAPH key).
- Map Importing and Exporting module added.
- Missing subroutine added.
- GUITNUM subroutine fixed (as well as any modules that used it).

Click mah signature to download it.
PyroEdit Subroutine: GUI Menu Replacement
Attached: prgmGUIMNU
This is a replacement for the GUI Menu Routine that comes with PyroEdit. It is a couple of hundred bytes smaller and has a smaller overhead than the multi-page menu routine (it uses no lists).

This routine is still beta, so tell me if you find any bugs.
Get it from here...
Looks cool! I have a question about the sprite selector. How do you make the selection area bigger than 8*2?
PyroEdit 3.0 -> 3.1: 50%
- Faster start-up. You have an option to turn off dynamic cleaning during load and to skip probing for init scripts if you have no modules that don't explicitly rely on them.
- Main tools will be built back into PyroEdit (and the interface changed) to make editing more efficient.
- Considering Grayscale and Animation.

Anything else I should add?
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