Do any of you know of any programs like Callwave that will work on linux? The program acts like an answering machine for your computer. If you have dialup internet, and someone calls you, normally you would not know. But with callwave, it lets the person leave a message and you can listen to it instantly while still online. Until I find something that will work, I can only use linux online from 11p.m.-6a.m. And that sucks... I tried google, and searched sourceforge, but couldn't come up with anything.
No, because its not just a program, but a service.

Phone Company Charges: CallWave works with the "Busy Call Forwarding," feature of your phone line. When you order CallWave, we'll contact your phone company to set up this feature. If you don't already have "Busy Call Forwarding," your local phone company could charge you a one-time installation fee and monthly fee. Click here to learn about specific charges in your area. If you have voice mail through your phone company, please click here.
Blast! Foiled again.

Maybe wine can handle it...
Er, point is, you don't _need_ any software..
The Tari wrote:
Er, point is, you don't _need_ any software..

no, you need the software, as that is how you 'receive' the calls, but what I was saying is that its not JUST software.

foamy: If you are willing to pay the $8/month or whatever it is for that, why don't you just spend a little more and get DSL/Cable?
I've had callwave for about 2 years now. It works great. And you can't get broadband in my area. I live out in the middle of nowhere.
second phone line?
A lot more than callwave. I think callwave is <$3 a month.
Pagoo is similar, but has [some] linux support... (see the note at the bottom)

But yeah, just try running callwave under wine and see if that works
Does wine come with ubuntu, or do I need to dl it separately?

I'd try it on DSL, but I've never had ANY success installing anything on it. Except for the myDSL apps.
I am not sure if it is by default, but I am sure you can at least apt-get it.
foamy3 wrote:
Does wine come with ubuntu, or do I need to dl it separately?

iirc, it doesn't.
edit: iirc, you have to install it. You might even have to add a repository.
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