Yeah, I know that, but usually you'd tell your students if they have a test/project or not...even if they do tell you only once...<_<
OK, I'll give you that. I wouldn't really consider what you were talking about to be something vital for the teacher to repeat though.
KermMartian wrote:
Shock Why do you know that - did you take the ACT? I don't see why someone would bother to take both, unless some colleges you're applying to only take the SAT and others only accept the ACT.

I took the ACT because I live in the midwest - where the ACT rules supreme. MIT takes both the ACT and the SAT (assuming its ACT w/ writing, which is optional), and the SAT II - so I never took the regular SAT, just the ACT (w/ writing) and the SAT II

Get it? Smile

@Rivereye: My high school announces all deadlines like that Wink
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