Hi first time poster here,

I have a TI 84 Plus CE, running 5.4. I have a few games on there I installed about two years ago. They don't appear under program/ASM or CabriJR. Haven't updated system since and the files are still there(checked with TI Connect). I can delete and use a different method but is there another way to access these?

Edit: the file locations for the games are in archive and the type is appVar. Should it be in RAM and a protected program type? what could've happened to cause the change?
What are the names of the variables that you're seeing? A lot of programs also create appvars that have the same name to store data like high scores, so I'm guessing that the programs somehow got deleted, leaving only the appvars behind.

If you've ever used Cesium or a similar shell, I'd also check that the programs haven't been hidden (in Cesium, this is shown in the attributes section when you select a file).
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