I am working on a minecraft clone for the fx-cg50. Its recommended that you overclock your calculator for better performance. Without overcloing it gets arround 20fps and with overclocking you will get around 30fps. The chunks are 12x12x40 with a renderdistance of 3 (9 chunk in total loaded at a time). the map is 8x8 chunks (so 8x12 blocks). The map is randomly generated with perlin noise but the seed is for now always set to 4.

-saving map/loading map

-F1: block select scroll down
-F2: block select scroll up
-F5: save map
-F6: load map
-shift: change rendering mode (wireframe/rasterization/both)
-options: jump
-menu: change resolution (50x50, 100x100, 150x150, 200x200)
-alpha: change movement mode (flying/walking)
-exit: quit
-7: break block
-8: forward
-9: place block
-4: left
-5: backward
-6: right

If you have any ideas please let me know (:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1doNHoeUBCgLzAZmHivmuPMjp3D_oZBqe/view?usp=sharing (download)
I don't know if it's because I am using a fx-CG10, but when I start the game my Y position is -1500 or so, so basically I just keep falling down forever.

Also there is no exit key it seems, so I had to remove a battery or press the reset button on the back in order to exit the game.
I never tested it on a cg10 as I don't have one myself but it has always worked fine on the cg50. I am very new to the calculator programming so I don't exactly know what the differences are between the 2 in memory layout.
is there any way to exit without having to reset/remove a battery? i also have the cg50
yes press the exit button it quits the app. Sorry I should have mentioned it in the original post.
This is a newer version of my minecraft clone.

-menu now opens a menu where you can change settings, load worlds and save worlds
-there are now 5 world slots
-you can now open your inventory by pressing menu and then 9
-alpha changes your gamemode between survival and creative
-cave generation
-crafting (next to the inventory in survival)
-sheeps and pigs (in survival you can kill them by pressing 7 while looking at them)
-tools (for now only stone and wooden pickaxe)
-in survival when you destroy a block it now drops a item
-the game is now fullscreen but half resolution as there is not enough ram free for the ZBuffer at full resolution
-improved performance (20-25%)

-if you get to close to a block you can look through it
-app will sometimes crash when instant chunk generation is off
-animals will do weird things when rotated to many times

download link:

please let me know if you find bugs or if you have ideas for me to add next
another new version of my minecraft clone:

-added textures
-added lighting
-better performance (non-texture rendering)
-removed few bugs
-sort of day night
-removed wireframe mode (temp)

control changes:
-F5: decrease sky brightness
-F4: increase sky brightness
-0: makes screenshot (bmp) and stores it in the fxcraft folder (it crashes or just stops the generation)
-2: reloads chunks and lighting (if enabled)

some screenshots:

This looks amazing. Unfortunately I have a TI-84+SE Sad
another version of my minecraft clone:

-new textures for items and new item system so it's easier to add new items/blocks
-enabled O1, O2 and O3 optimizations
-faces looking the other way won't draw anymore
-the full 32bit buss is now used every time writing to VRAM
-added some new tools

performance is in almost all cases better because of the optimizations.


Wow this is amazing well done!!
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