i used the txt converter and added them to my calc using Ti-Connect. Whenever running the prgm notes i get the error "INVALID attampted tp use a variable or function where its is not valid". What causes this error and how do i fix it? My OS is 5,7,0. Help is appreciated!
TI causes this error. They removed the ability to run assembly programs in OS version 5.5. You can get that functionality back using arTIfiCE.
oh ok thank you after my test tmrw is it possible to remove arTiFICE and get my calc to its defaukt settings?
arTIfiCE doesn't do anything permanent as far as I know. On the home screen, press 2nd+Mem, then select All (1). Then, scroll down to arTIfiCE. Press the Delete key to delete it, then press 2 to confirm. To restore the calculator to the defaults, press 2nd+Mem. Then, select "All RAM..." if you want to delete everything in RAM, including programs, or just "Defaults..." for the settings, like Radians vs Degrees.
ok thank you so much!
You Can downgrade your OS using CERMASTER, that way you wont need artiface at all.
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