Hey y'all,

I have just started coding in CelticCE (like last week) and I'm trying to make a screensaver, but I've ran into a few issues.

As of now, here is my code.


While getKey=0

Lbl 1
Wait 1
Wait 1
Wait 1
Wait 1
Wait 1
Wait 1
Wait 1
Wait 1
Wait 1


The problem I have is that whenever I press a key, it doesn't stop immediately, it only stops on the last line (the light blue). I've looked through a lot of things including other screensaver's source code, but I can't find any way how to make it stop right away, not at the end of the code.

There's nothing Celtic-specific here: the condition (getKey=0) for a loop is only evaluated once per iteration, and with a While loop that happens at the top of the loop (Repeat does it at the end). So the sequence of operations is something like:
  1. Is any key pressed? If yes, skip to 4; otherwise continue to 2.
  2. Run code inside loop.
  3. Reach End, go back to 1.
  4. ClrHome and exit

If you want to be able to exit at any time, you'll need to ensure the program is doing key checks at every point you want to be able to exit; a loop doesn't continuously evaluate its condition (which sounds like the behavior you expected).
Thanks a lot for your advice! I added some extra key checks and it works!
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