Please add a save function! Very Happy
CaLc01234 wrote:
Please add a save function! Very Happy

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as I had thought. The game will need significant reprogramming as far as the amount of blocks, something I'm not very motivated to do, along with being swamped with end-of-school-year projects and homework.
The problem is that the game takes up nearly all the RAM available to the user, so it isn't able to open an appvar to save it.

I should also mention that the code itself is fully uploaded on Github, but the /gfx folder is very incomplete. The game more than likely will not compile as-is.
Just when you thought (and I thought as well) that I gave up...
1. I solved the world saving problem. There is now exactly one world slot that you can save to. (98 more coming eventurally when I add a world select menu)
2. I'm figuring out exactly what does and doesn't need to be in the game. It will be much smaller soon when I break up the inventory screen into multiple pieces.
I will be uploading 0.10.0 shortly onto GitHub. Eventually I'll get around to uploading all the graphics onto the GitHub page as well. Thanks!
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