I'm currently working on a project where I aim to establish wireless communication between two calculators so they can message each other using a 2x Arduino Uno and a 2x nrf24l01 module. I used the Articl library, and it seems to work for sending characters from Arduino to a calculator. I need a little guidance on how to properly code the Arduino and TI 84 calculators for this project. I'm really bad at coding and don't have much experience with TI calculators. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Hello. First of all, you should specify which "TI 84 calculators" you have in mind Smile
The reply will be different depending on whether you want to target:
* the monochrome TI-84+ and its monochrome derivatives such as the TI-84+ Silver Edition ("84+SE") or TI-84 Pocket.fr (the only "TI 84" of sorts, but infrequent), and/or its color derivative the TI-84+ Color Silver Edition ("84+CSE");
* the TI-84+ Color Edition ("84+CE") and variants such as TI-83 Premium Color Edition ("83PCE") or the Python editions of the 84+CE(-T) and 83PCE: "84+CE(-T)PE", "83PCEEP", etc.
My bad. Its 2x monochrome TI-84+. I didn't think they had that many variations lol.
I like the idea, I don't know if I know how to help or not, but you can ask me.
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