I have download fxSDK and Gint before some days and it's all fine, but i have some problems with coding , when i print some lines i can't do scrolling up and down like a console


// dtext(x,y,text)
dtext(1,1,"Line 1");
dtext(1,8,"Line 2");
dtext(1,8*2,"Line 3");
dtext(1,8*3,"Line 4");
dtext(1,8*4,"Line 5");
dtext(1,8*5,"Line 6");
dtext(1,8*6,"Line 7");
dtext(1,8*7,"Line 8");
dtext(1,8*8,"Line 9");
dtext(1,8*9,"Line 10");
dtext(1,8*10,"Line 11");

The "Line 10" and "Line 11" goes under the screen , how i can add something let me scroll up [ ↑ ] and down [ ↓ ] Neutral Neutral
There is no console in gint. I have somewhere in my todo list a project of creating one, but not started yet Sad

So if you want to have scrolling, you have to implement this feature.
Let's explain how gint is working : imagine it is a simple graphical text output, not a text console. dtext() / dprint() functions are just rendering your text in the graphical output at given coordinates.

So if you want to implement scrolling, you need to store your lines of text in variables and capture key inputs from user to know if you scroll up and down.
Based on these inputs, you need to recalculate :
1/ if lines are visible and
2/ if so, what are their coordinates on the screen.

Not hat hard, but need to spend some time on this.

Before you ask, please be aware that currently there is now scanf() like function in gint, so don't look for them. They are just available in a PR, but not yet implemented in gint.
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