In light of how lackluster my last post was, I'll end on a different note before vanishing for a while again.

Life got busy, mostly for good reasons. I suppose I'll find the energy to document and collect graphing calculators again at some point.

The ribbon cable reheating attempts didn't hold up too well three years on. All of the calculators serviced are still in better shape than they were at first, but the missing lines are coming back. Except on the TI-85 that I got for $2. It's sat either in a toolbox or backpack for a couple years, sometimes in the summer heat or freezing cold, and the screen is still as perfect as it was the day I repaired it. But recently, I find myself using my TI-36X Pro more since I've wanted MathPrint and battery life more than graphing features. Sometimes I wonder if it's theoretically powerful enough to graph but TI just didn't want to cannibalize its TI-84 sales.

Anyway, if y'all see anything else from my collection that should be documented further, send me a PM and I'll put it on my to-do list.

edit: or post a reply, whatever boats your float
Best of luck with life, glad they're good reasons! Hope to still see you around occasionally!
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