Hello Everyone, Very Happy

I have been trying to learn C. so far I know what function are and how to use gfx commands, Thanks to the understanding of ICE. Good Idea But in order for me to fully understand C, I will have to learn from other sources. I also want to learn C because I want to rewrite Xenon in it. Smile
"C is more powerful" - Cemetech users

  • How does variables work when there is no store sign?
  • Where and how can I use OS commands such as getkey, Etc.
  • How do I use Hook or pointer in C?
I'm a bit scared to answer for fear of steering you wrong, but here it goes.

Alvajoy123 wrote:
How does variables work when there is no store sign?

To give a value to a variable if it has been declared already is as simple as

x = 5; //OR
x = x + 1;

to declare a variable (before you can use it) you give it a type:

int x; //stores an integer value;
double y; //stores a real number value;
char c; //stores an ascii character (or just one byte);

you can also give the variable a value while you declare it:

int x = 0;
double y = 1.25;
char c = 'A';

Alvajoy123 wrote:
Where and how can I use OS commands such as getkey, Etc.

I'm not sure you really can, but there's another C library that lets you access the keypad pretty easily, much like the gfx library makes it easy to do graphics. I don't remember what it's called...

Alvajoy123 wrote:
How do I use Hook or pointer in C?

Pointers in C are pretty fun. You use the & symbol to get a variable's address in memory. This is helpful when you need a function to change the value of a non-global variable. The int* in the function means it's looking at the value at the address passed by the function call, not the address itself.

int main()
  int x = 0;
  return 0;

void addFive(int* number)
  *number += 5;

I hope this helps! and please anybody correct me about anything if it's wrong.
Thanks for the information Smile . I will leave any question here Good Idea
Is C hard to learn? I would like to learn it so I can become useful
I picked up C++ pretty quick when I started learning with arduino. From there I was able to very quickly learn C, C#, Java, Javascript, and Python. I wouldn't say it's that hard to learn.
De2290, I think you should start out with ICE then move to C Smile .ICE is basically C but with a different syntax.
Sorry for nerco-posting, But I've learned C! Razz
Congrats! Doing any cool projects?
theprogrammingcube wrote:
Congrats! Doing any cool projects?

Yeah! Check them out here: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17690&start=0

I have some on the way that aren't on the page I'll be posting them soon Smile
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