This code lets you play your TI-84+ like an instrument. It uses 15 buttons for playing music, and the rest of the buttons to determine which key and scale is being used.

Here is the file:

In the future I hope to add the ability to tune the instrument (because calculators run at different speeds), and let the user define what scale is set by the [x] button.

Special thanks to fghsgh for replying to a question and showing how a single note might be generated. That code was extremely helpful.

Disclaimers: I have not tested this on a TI-83+. Tuning varies between calculators. A 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter will be needed to use this with standard headphones
Nice work and a great idea. Pity that TI decided to remove the DBUS from newer 84+ calculators Sad.
I was excited to try this but unfortunately do not have compatible headphones. I was hoping there was a quirk with the hardware that would generate sound Wink
There is! You can tune an AM radio to static, put the calculator nearby, and you should be able to hear it.

I vividly remember my first exploration of monophonic calculator sound, hand-typing the hex for Piano83 into my TI-83 about 20 years ago (how is that possible??) to impress my Latin teacher and classmates.
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