This is an email I sent to CalcPlex/TI84CalcWiz regarding their shady practices with

Dear CalcPlex,

Some Cemetech members are frustrated with your method of attribution on your downloads page. Please take these small ideas into consideration to ensure people downloading games don't blindly believe you made it. I strongly recommend you read these points, because I can argue that you are breaking license agreements.

These points are only suggestions, but helps clear confusion.
1. Below the title of each game, include the author's username. If I were a calculator novice and I were to download a game from your website, I wouldn't click 'More Information', I would click Download. Because there is no attribution on the download page itself, it would mislead me into believing you made it.
2. In the More Information page, please give a link to the source code of the original program. If it doesn't exist, please leave a link to the Cemetech/TI Planet/etc. forum post and/or download page.

If you don't want your website to be taken down at all, please take action as you may be breaking license agreements.
3. You may be breaking a license agreement with 1010! CE. Paragraph 3 states, "The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all redistributions or substantial portions of the Software." Your website does not host a copy of the license with the download link; it hosts it in Google Drive! If you were to host it, at least host it in a text file on one of your pages. Because the download link does not include the license with it, you may be breaking a license agreement. Not only that, but it can be taken down from your website if you didn't receive permission from KingInfinity. Paragraph 2 of the license agreement reads, "The author reserves the right to deny any redistribution, and to request removal of any redistribution if the privilege was abused or if permission was not granted, or for any other reason necessary to retain proper ownership over the software, be it modified or a verbatim copy. Sublicensing is not permitted." Please fix it.
4. You are also breaking license agreement for The Oregon Trail. You are breaking the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license in section 3(a)(1)(A) of the legal code, shown here. To summarize, you have to keep the license WITH the software download, whether it is modified or not.
5. You are also breaking Falldown's license as well. The license also reads,"The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software." The requirement with number 4 applies here.

This is not a takedown notice because I do not own any of the software listed above, yet it is a recommendation to improve your site and prevent it from being taken down.
Yeah there is always someone out there trying to generate ad-clicks from other people's calc software. That being said, such things are perfectly fine so long as they respect licensing, attribution and other requirements.

I suggested as a joke that someone should fork CalcPlex Cesium lol.
tr1p1ea wrote:
CalcPlex Cesium 0x5.
Doorways NT CE comes to mind.
I actually found out about this today. I believe AES is the cemetech account for these sites.
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