What was the best project completed in July 2022?
Calculator Street Racing Deluxe
 60%  [ 6 ]
Telnet MUD Cyberia!
 40%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 10

With absolutely Zero delay, let's dive back into 2022's plethora of projects.

  • Calculator Street Racing: A drag racing game for 84+/CE: Oxiti8 released the deluxe edition of their street racing game for the CSE and CE, sporting a host of car types, racing modes, and car customization. Go check it out on GitHub!

  • Calculator Street Racing II: Evolution (TI-84+CE, TI-BASIC): Following that successful release, Oxiti8 reworked and reenvisioned their racing game's engine, developing an enhanced semi-sequel for the CE (and all while still sticking to (almost) pure TI-BASIC). You can view a preview below, check out the main thread for more details, or read Oxiti8's discussion on the switch to the new engine here.

  • Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon: Hot_Dog released a small update to their RPG, improving the user-friendliness of a tool added in the last release. The change is great for newer players, and as always sports fantastic graphics.

  • Latest News on TI-Trek: ACagliano dropped a handful of updates to TI-Trek, improving networking, enhancing graphical elements, and welcoming TKB Studios as a team member. A lovely rendering test involving a certain billionaire's head can be found in the thread.
  • Lua port for the CE: commandblockguy has implemented the ability to run Lua programs from appvars on the CE. Lua users of all proficiencies should give this port a try!
  • macOS Monterey 12.0 COMING TO TI–84 PLUS CE: ProgrammerBobSmith continued work on their macOS Monterey shell for the CE. The shell comes with a number of built-in apps and utilities, as well a cursor-based interface. ProgrammerBobSmith is always welcoming comments and suggestions, so be sure to check out the thread.
  • Telnet MUD Cyberia! (think zork meets internet multiplayer): Wavejumper3 released their multi-user dungeon (MUD) game Cyberia, a text-based adventure played over Telnet. Check it out!
  • VYSION 2 CE: the ultimate CE shell: epsilon5 released a major update for their shell VYSION 2, adding custom color themes, an enhanced file explorer, translucent windows, and so much more. The shell is more than worth trying out for yourself, so what are you waiting for!

  • [C] CEdit editor for the TI 84 plus CE: Michael0x18 made great progress on their on-calc text editor for CE, rewriting the keypress routines to better support modifier keys.

That's all for July 2022! Be sure to vote in the poll, and we'll see you in the next PotM!
Thanks for posting this, kg583! I'm pleased to see that in a summer month with a minor lull in activity, we still had two completed projects and plenty of progress.
kg583 wrote:
With absolutely Zero delay

I see what you did there Wink

A lot of cool projects this month! I often find myself discovering projects in the PotM I completely missed earlier, which is always a lot of fun!
Congratulations to Calculator Street Racing for winning this PotM!
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