Hey, everyone! Can't believe it's been over 4 years since I last posted on here Graphing Calculator

My brother's starting high school, so I lent him my calculator so we could save money over getting a new one for him. But of course, I got another one for myself Razz

I made this game on my new calculator (a CE with OS, mainly for my brother's benefit. Not sure yet if it works on the monochrome calcs, but it should.

Controls: 2ND/ENTER to place disk, ENTER to get past some messages, CLEAR to exit.

Cemetech download

TICalc download
If anyone's not familiar, Othello is a version of Reversi. I assume you wrote it in TI-BASIC? Do you have any screenshots you can share, and are you looking for any feedback before you submit it to the Archives?
Hi Kerm! Yes, I wrote it in TI-BASIC. It's been a while since I wrote anything for a TI calc, and I switched computers a while ago, so I don't have Wabbitemu/CEmu on my computer yet to make a screenshot with. I'll probably do that soon.

Right now, the only thing I'd like is some feedback on shortening it. Someone in SAX already gave me a helpful optimization tip involving tanh(, and anything else would be appreciated.

EDIT: I was able to optimize it down to 1021 bytes, which I'm satisfied with. Once I can get an animated screenshot working, I'll upload it to the archives. Wink
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