I am working on a realtime multiplayer game in TI basic, but the getcalc is slowing down the game.
I found an algorithm one time that somehow removes the wait but i cannot find it, i believe it was written by Weregoose.
What calculator model(s) are you targeting? If the monochrome TI-83+/TI-84+, you might be better off using Cn2Send() and Cn2Get() in the DCSB libraries: https://dcs.cemetech.net/SDK/Mono/BASIC/DCS/
I am using TI-basic, but Axe is also available for my use. With axe i would need TI-Basic to Axe and vice versa compatibility.
Got it. The libraries I'm recommending are pure TI-BASIC, so you wouldn't need to delve into Axe.
I already have learned Axe, and it would make the program have many more capabilities if it was done using Axe. The main problem would be using Axe and TI-Basic together on two different calcs. Calc 1 has Axe and Calc 2 has Basic.
Well with the aforementioned libraries you only need to have Doors CS installed and ran once in order to be able to use the extra TI-BASIC commands it provides. There are other libraries available but the best and most complete is Doors CS.

With Axe there's nothing stopping you from using it on both calculators I'd say, but I generally feel more at ease with libraries-enhanced TI-BASIC.
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